GM Gives 2011 Corvette Buyers More Personalization Choices


New machine face wheel is one of the new options for the 2011 Corvette

This afternoon, GM’s Corvette Team presented the new 2011 Corvette to several hundred owners and enthusiasts at the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash in Bowling Green. One of the themes for the 2011 rollout is that Corvette buyers will have more choices than ever to personalize their Corvettes inside and out with a host of new options. Previous options that were restricted to certain models like Magnetic Selective Ride Control are also being made available on all models.

In 2011, Corvette buyers will get to choose from 10 exterior colors – the most since the C4 was being produced. All eight colors from 2010 are returning and the two new colors, Interno Orange and Supersonic Blue, will be available on all Corvette models. One new option for 2011 is that buyers will be able to select a contrasting headlamp color which will be available in Cyber Gray, Black and Blade Silver.

The last few special edititon Corvettes including the Carbon and last year’s GT1 Championship Editions featured a custom color stiching option throughout the interior. This will be available on 2011 4LT, 3LZ and 3ZR option groups. The colors offered are Blue, Red or Yellow stiching.

Coupe and Convertible buyers get a new wheel design available in four styles. The styles are Silver, Competition Gray, Chrome and the new Machine face which is shown above. Standard Coupe and Convertible buyers can also order the crossed-drilled brake option that was available as part last year’s Z51 option.

Harlan spent time discussing are two new Six-Speed Paddle Shift features. Drivers can easily switch from paddle driving to automatic. To do so, drivers hold the “+” paddle for one second to return to auto mode. The seconbde feature is one that allows the driver to override the gear selection while in Drive Mode. The example was a driver merging onto a highway and downshifts to merge. The auto mode takes over after paddles are not used for 10 seconds.

Other Updates for the 2011 Corvette:

  • Grand Sport available with F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Includes Gen 2 tire with manual transmission
  • Magnetic Selective Ride Control is available on all Corvette models for the first time
  • USB port and input jack included with U3U Navigation System
  • Dual Steering mode – Standard or performance modes
  • Battery maintainer for those that only drive their Corvettes occassionally.

In terms of “big” news for the 2011 Corvette Z06, that cat was let out of the bag last month in Sebring with the introduction of the Z06 Carbon and the associated Z07 and CFZ packages. Tadge alluded to 2011 being the year of the Z06 as 2011 features a number of options and upgrades.

Now standard on the 2011 Corvette Z06 is the new Goodyear F1 Supercar Generation 2 Tires, an aggressive dual mode exhaust featuring a updated tune and Carbon cone synchros in the transmission.

For a refresher, here are the two option packages that mostly make up the Carbon edition:

CFZ – Black Carbon Fiber Package

  • Black painted Carbon Fiber front splitter
  • Black painted Carbon Fiber side rockers
  • Black painted Carbon Fiber roof (saves 6-spounds)
  • Body Color ZR1 style rear spoiler

Z07 Performance Package

  • Brembo carbon ceramic brake system
  • 20 spoke competition Gray Wheels, 19×10″ Front and 20×12″ Rear
  • Michelin PS2 Tires: 285/30-19 Front and 335/25-20 Rear
  • Magnetic Selective Ride Control

Overall, most of the owners that we talked with are positive to the changes and the examples we saw illustrate GM’s ability to listen to their owners wants and make them happen. We’ll be uploading some video of the 2011 rollout over the next few days so stay tuned!

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