Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette


Corvette Values: Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette
Stay tuned as well be bring the latest news from Bowling Green throughout the day. This morning at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, GM rolled out a 2011 Corvette Grand Sport with the new Inferno Orange metallic exterior. Initially GM indicated that the new color would be featured on the 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition, but it appears that the two new colors, Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue will be available in all models.

Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette
Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette Introducing Inferno Orange on a 2011 Corvette  

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  1. Whats the point of making the vette in this color?

    Of all the colors at GM someone thinks this is the best?

    How about:

    Navy Blue,
    Dark Green
    A new white
    even gold would be better…..

    While I love the C6 its starting to get long in the tooth and colors like these arent helping sales …

  2. 2009’s rule the roost and I have one!!!!!! The only other that even comes close is suddenly its 1962 again! 🙂 Wish i had one of those……

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE get rid of the INFERNAL(sic) Orange, and bring back the Atomic Orange or Daytona Sunset Orange. Harlan and GM, missed the boat with this choice. I don’t think it will last long, and hopefully will join the ranks of the INDECISON (sic) Red and Dark Bowling Green.

  4. Agreed, Dan. I like supersonic blue, but this orange borders on the old C3 MONZA RED. (My fave era, but not the best C3 color, imho) In fact, this seems duller than monza. Bring back sunset or atomic!!! I was holding out for a 2011 GS for my big 4-0, hoping orange would make it back, but now that the slick orange smoothie flavors are gone I guess I’ll settle for crystal red or the new blue. My bro-in-law was laid off from bowling green assembly last year & wasn’t asked back, but if he were still there, I’m sure he and I would find a way to sabotage the production line to keep this color from shipping. >=) Bad call GM.

  5. Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue are right in keeping with these horrible times from Government Motors. Come on GM, what is the matter with you people. Can you possibly offer worse colors? Offer a rich looking dark pearlescent blue and green for starters. And color co-ordinate the interiors by ditching the obligiatory black carpeting. If for example the interior is red, then make sure the carpet is too. The old school cats offered superior aesthetics once upon a yesteryear. These times are suckin real bad no thanks to current management.

  6. Chevy Corvette Rocks!!!! Too bad the color choices are so slim and not good colors for this beauty! I would expect better than this from Chevy….come on guys lets get it together, I’m a very picky person and this just doesn’t suit my taste at all!!!

  7. I think that a corvette always looks great. But I personally like a blue/ dark blue corvette. I mean, you don’t see alot of those, so they look rarer. and there is way too many red and orange. So yea, I personally like the blue

  8. ln my honest opinion, your comments are way too stuffy. There is no orange that would suit me. Black is the only color. I have a triple black G S and it is pristine.

  9. i just bought a new inferno orange ,i think its prettiest thing ive ever seen ,my new grandsport has chrome wheels and that color makes that car look like a newyork star ,its getting as much attention as a movie star ,thanks chevy for creating something different and beautiful

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