[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Sets New Record for World’s Fastest C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Sets New Record for World's Fastest C8 Corvette

The C8 Corvette Horsepower Wars are getting more interesting by the day.

We’ve been following YouTuber Emelia Hartford’s journey with her C8 Corvette nicknamed Phoenix and the girl has been on fire at the drag strip over the last few months. After recently losing her title for having the most powerful C8 Corvette to the gents at FuelTech, she still has the fastest C8 Corvette in the world and this week she shared a new video as she beat her own record twice during a track date a Famoso dragstrip outside of Bakersfield, CA.

The last time we checked in with Emelia, she had the car on the dyno as she was attempting to reclaim her horsepower record. She came up short in that effort as her car required a few quick repairs. So we are a bit surprised to learn that she and her crew rented the quarter-mile track for two days as they attempted to get more speed out of the car with “running in the 8s” as her main goal.

Despite the weather being very hot for a track day with afternoon temperatures expected to be upwards of 100 degrees, Emelia’s C8 Corvette started out with a few runs in the 10s. As they continued to dial it in, she had a particulary good run that we could see based on her speedometer being north of 140 mph. She knew it as well as she started fist-bumping the air and the time slip confirmed a quarter-mile run of 9.50.

Emelia had a couple of aborted runs after she complained about the car bogging down in fourth gear, and there were some worries as well about the clutch slipping. After a quick cool down, she was back in the car again and ran a blistering 9.36 at 147 mph which beat her own world record of 9.41. After another cool down, she had a great run of 9.39 seconds, once again topping her previous time of 9.41.

Although the day was mostly good news for her crew, Phoenix leaked a bunch of oil out from what she thinks is a leak in the rear main seal, so more work will need to be done once they are back at the shop. But that work is always easier when you are holding the top speed record for the C8 Corvette.

So that’s the current state of affairs in the Horsepower Wars. Advantage, Emelia. For now…

Emelia Hartford / YouTube

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  1. Yea she has the quickest ET, but the ‘keet needs 2 more mph to have the fastest speed. Fueltech is at 148.

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