[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Goes To Work to Reclaim Highest Horsepower Record for the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Goes To Work to Reclaim Highest Horsepower Record for the C8 Corvette

Like an old spaghetti western, we got ourselves a showdown going on here between Ms.Emelia Hartford and the gang at FuelTech over who has the C8 Corvette with the highest horsepower. Both of their C8 Corvettes are 9-second twin-turbo monsters and each tuner came up with their own way to get there. Emeila had the world record with a dyno run of 1,022 hp but then FuelTech’s Anderson Dick broke that with his own dyno run of 1,075 hp at the wheels.

Emelia still has the fastest C8 Corvette on the planet with a quarter-mile time of 9.41 seconds at 144 MPH and now she plotting her return to the top of the charts in overall horsepower. Will she succeed? Let’s find out.

The former horsepower queen opens her latest video by saying “Today I am going to take back what is mine” and she has titled the video as “Someone broke my world record, so here is my response…” so it looks like the challenge to FuelTech has been accepted.

Back at the shop with her famous C8 Corvette she’s nicknamed Phoenix, Emelia tells us some of the “fixes” they need to make to “trick” the car into running happier. The changes being made aren’t just for the pending date at the dyno, but also to help her run in the 8s at the drag strip. After a little rewiring and other changes, they take the car out on the street where it looks and sounds amazing as she does a few pulls. But once she gets the car to the dyno shop and starts her runs, the results are subpar and there’s obviously an issue that needs to be sorted out.

[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Goes To Work to Reclaim Highest Horsepower Record for the C8 Corvette

The next day, they are back in troubleshooting mode and after replacing spark plugs and testing the wires with a multimeter, Emelia thinks it might be one of the spark plug wires that was causing her issues the day before. Back at the dyno, they registered 950 horsepower, but now her blow-off valves are damaged and those need to be replaced. Finally, she was able to make 1,012 hp on 15 lbs of boost and as Phoenix did 1,022 hp previously on 18 lbs of boost, she’s fairly confident that Phoenix can surpass the 1,075 hp made by FuelTech.

The best part about this rivalry is that both parties seem to be having fun and we even saw FuelTech’s Anderson Dick leave the following comment on the video: “Thank you for the mention and I am glad we’re keeping this C8 development going! I just watched this video and realized we all are in a similar page fighting similar stuff! this is part of the game! keep up, just don’t lower too much the track record before we get closer please!”

As we see from both outfits, squeezing as much performance from these cars takes hard work and dedication, and the best part is that we get to be entertained throughout the process. We’ll be waiting to see who makes the next move!

Emelia Hartford / YouTube

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  1. Speed Phenom and Emelia were first. They were trail blazers. Then others came along. Yet each and every YouTuber added so much to the C8 story that “Legendary” only begins to cover it. So many aspects to the C8 and we are all writing the story as we go along. No apologies needed: the C8 is the most sought after car in the 2020’s. AF

  2. All it takes is money and smart people. Look what Callaway did with a C4 in 1988. You kids should be running 8s and making 1500 hp, pretty pathetic.

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