[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford’s C8 Corvette is Booted from Holley LS Fest for Being Too Fast


[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford's C8 Corvette Booted from Holley LS Fest for Being Too Fast

If you search our site for mentions of YouTuber Emelia Hartford and her twin-turbo C8 (which might be the most recognizable 2020 Corvette in the world), you’ll find a roller-coaster of an ownership experience.

Emelia’s custom Arctic White and orange Stingray famously blew up under the pressure of its first twin-turbo system. It then earned the nickname “Phoenix” when it rose from the ashes as the fastest and most powerful eighth-generation Corvette on the planet.

[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford's C8 Corvette is Booted from Holley LS Fest for Being Too Fast

From those tremendous highs, Emelia and Phoenix were knocked off of their pedestal by FuelTech’s 1,075-horse C8. The last time we checked in with the girl and her car, things were looking up again as they partnered with Hoonigan to see how the ‘Vette’s four-digit power stacked up against Porsche’s ultra-quick electric “Tesla killer.”

At the end of April, Emelia headed to the desert with Phoenix and her grandma’s old Buick Regal, “Mimi,” that has been treated to its own 1,500-horse under-hood (if the hood still fit) treatment. More specifically, the high-HP convoy’s destination was Las Vegas Motor Speedway and LS Fest West, an event dedicated to machines powered by the LS and LT V8s that General Motors has been pumping out at a rigorous pace since the LS1 broke cover with the C5 in 1997. A YouTuber, her crew, two cars that produce more than 2,500 combined HP, and a drag strip sounds like a sure-fire way to continue upward momentum, but it, in a word, wasn’t.

[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford's C8 Corvette is Booted from Holley LS Fest for Being Too Fast

Day one of the event was a downer for all participants as strong crosswinds caused organizers to suspend races. On day two, Emelia and her blacked-out ode to her grandma were able to get in two passes on the Strip-adjacent strip. The faster of the two came in at 11.47, a far cry from the mid-9s that she’s been seeing with Phoenix, but not too shabby for a boxy relic of the decade of greed.

Sadly, things fell apart again when the dreamsicle’s twin snails spooled up at the Christmas tree. Being a NHRA-certified drag strip, the marshal was forced to flag Emelia and her C8. The rules state that any vehicle capable of sub-10-second passes requires a roll cage, harnesses, and a special license to operate. She was eventually given the green light, as long as she kept the time over 10-flat. When the resulting run lit up the board with a 9.71-second pass, Phoenix was DQ’d and shown the door! Here’s hoping that the next chapter in Hartford’s C8 journey is a good one; we’ll be watching!

Emelia Hartford / YouTube

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  1. Not too good at shifting that Buick, who takes their hand off the shifter when shifting down a drag strip.

  2. She can still come back and get those homologations in place and try again. She has the support system to do it. No reason not to try again.

  3. She is a very sexy lady in a different kind of way.
    Sort of “The Lady Gaga” of racing.

    I think her real last name is Hartfordtini.
    The map of Italy is all over her face.

    Regardless of all that, she is very interesting
    to watch in action! Always an entertaining video.

  4. Followed her adventures from the start, I fear she is going to get hurt, as she thinks safety is a joke. My 40 years in racing tells me that sooner than later, her lack of safety will bite her.

  5. All the information on this site is centered on automobiles with a cost in the low $100,000 range and Alex has the balls to remark about the Buick as a “boxy relic of the decade of greed.” I assume Alex feels Emelia Hartford’s waste of money on these projects shows no indication of greed. At this point, for me, the most interesting information that could be presented on Emelia Hartford is how this young lady is bankrolled. Sponsorships could not possibly cover all the costs of her folly and I doubt she works as a barista at Starbucks.

  6. William,

    1. Thank you for reading.
    2. “Decade of Greed” is just a common nickname for the 80s. (Thanks for noticing my balls though!)
    3. We do plenty of stories about more affordable ‘Vettes around here if you just scroll around, but C8s (with an average transaction price $14k below $100,000) stories bring in the most traffic these days.

    4. I’m not sure how Emelia got her start, but her YouTube channel bankrolls most of her antics now. She has more than 700,000 subscribers, one of her videos racked up more than 13 million views, this “too fast for LS Fest” video is already knocking on the door of 400k clicks, and she uploads new content two or three times per week.
    Creators receive 55% of each advertising dollar YT makes on their videos, the rule of thumb used to be that people like Emelia make .18 per view from this (depending on ad buy rates). I believe that number has gone down in recent years, but with the old rates, she could be looking at a payday as high as $72,000 from this video alone before we even account for sponsorships, paid endorsements, and merchandise sales (how that Ryan kid raked in $30 million last year).

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