[VIDEO] FuelTech Sets a New World Record for Horsepower on the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Fuel Tech Sets New World Horsepower Record for the C8 Corvette

We’ve featured the gents from FuelTech previously who have been working on their C8 Corvette for about a year now. FuelTech uses port injection fuel delivery through a custom LT2 intake manifold and a dedicated fuel cell and engine management system to get around the stock C8 Corvette’s encrypted ECU to control their innovative twin-turbo set-up.

Our previous video from them showed their own 2020 Corvette putting out 754 horsepower late last year. Now they are back and have claimed the world record for horsepower on a C8 Corvette with a dyno run of 1075 RWHP. The previous high horsepower benchmark belonged to Emilia Hartford and her twin-turbo Corvette, which set the mark at 1,022 rwhp.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Sets a New World Record for Horsepower on the C8 Corvette

FuelTech’s founder Anderson Dick explains that they were limited in their previous set-up to around 750 hp and 4 psi of boost due to the C8’s stock clutch which would start slipping at those power levels. That’s something we saw previously with the early twin-turbo builds from Late Model Racecraft and Emelia Hartford. A Dodson clutch upgrade from Cicio Performance was performed and with the increase in the clutch disc count and better friction material, FuelTech was able to increase the boost to 21 psi which resulted in a dyno of 1,075 whp and 888 lb-ft of torque.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Sets a New World Record for Horsepower on the C8 Corvette

As part of the video, Anderson also shows off the FT600 engine management system that was integrated into the Corvette’s cup holders. The unit provides an easy-to-read interface showing the car’s RPM, MAP, and dual O2 sensor readings, and it provides a number of customization features at just a touch of a button.

Watch the world record-setting C8 Corvette in action on the dyno:

If you want to learn more about this record-setting twin-turbo Corvette, FuelTech will be debuting a full one-hour-long episode about this car with Anderson Dick on his personal channel: https://youtube.com/andersondick​. The episode will be released on Saturday, April 24th at 7:00 AM EST.


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  1. Impressive, but I won’t be happy until I can get 2000 HP out of it. No, 2500, then I can just launch the thing off the surface into orbit! Not! Really, how much HP is enough? I mean, I think it’s great to see the development of this stuff, but is it really practical at all? At what point is the original design of the car completely moot? I guess it’s progress, but who will use it?

  2. Personally, I don’t care much for the ponies, but it’s the torque numbers I’m more interested in. I want passing power on demand so anyone reporting torque ratings of 600 ft-lb of twisties or more, well, you have my complete attention.

  3. I thought Emelia Hartford’s car was very difficult to reach this power even though she knows that the gearbox is a big limiter, did she change the gearbox? what did she do? it would be very interesting to pass both cars on the same dynamometer, because we all know that there are “corrections” … Does she accept the challenge of passing her car on the Fueltech dynamometer? I’m sure Anderson Dick CEO of FuelTech would accept the challenge.

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