[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan’s Fuji Speedway


[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan's Fuji Speedway

Back on May 29th, we shared a video showing the live reveal of the new Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes from half-a-world away as they were displayed in Japan for a private reveal party. Today, we have some of the first official GM photos of those five RHD Stingrays from the event at Fuji Speedway.

The C8 Corvette Stingray first made a splash with Japanese Corvette enthusiasts at the Tokyo Auto Salon held in January 2020. There, a Zeus Bronze LHD model helped generate over 300 pre-orders for the new mid-engine Corvette, which was going to be offered for the first time in the right-hand-drive configuration.

[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan's Fuji Speedway

The event at Fuji Speedway was planned to have live customers on hand, but due to the country’s growing Coronavirus outbreak, the live portion was canceled, and instead a live stream from the event was held instead. The event featured a demonstration run of the new RHD Corvettes around Fuji Speedway and then those drivers talked about their experiences driving the mid-engine sports cars on the track immediately afterward.

The five Corvettes on hand at the private reveal party included three Z51 Coupes in Torch Red, Accelerate Yellow, and Rapid Blue, along with two convertible Z51s in Sebring Orange and Shadow Gray. Customers will have the opportunity to select between the 2LT and 3LT Coupes, with the 2LTs starting at 11.8 million yen ($107,780 USD). The 3LT Convertible models will start at 15.5 million yen ($141,570). Standard equipment for the Japanese Corvettes includes the Z51 Performance Package and Magnetic Ride Control.

[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan's Fuji Speedway

The global launch of the RHD Corvettes is a very big deal for the Corvette Team and GM as the automaker would love to see the Corvette become a true sports car for the world. Based on those selling prices, it also makes financial sense (cents?) to offer the Corvette for sale in markets where there are customers who are very excited to pay the extra freight to drive the new mid-engine Corvette in their home countries.

Following the launch of the car in Japan, Chevy will turn its sights on the United Kingdom with the first 2022 Corvettes are expected in the early 4th quarter, while Australian and New Zealand customers will have to wait until closer to the end of the year before they receive their RHD versions. Europe will also get in on the action with LHD models this fall as well.

[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan's Fuji Speedway

[PICS] Right Hand Drive 2021 Corvettes Revealed at Japan's Fuji Speedway

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  1. Sounds like just another reason GM cancelled orders in the USA for customers who have been waiting more than a year for delivery of a C8. For me it is a very disappointing decision on the part of GM to expand to other countries with a RHD version when they can’t even fill the LHD orders they have.

  2. As a proud owner of a C8 after 18 months waiting, it seems not the right thing to do.
    I understand international business is big $$ for GM, but it seems filling US orders should be a priority. When we had a real US president, he would have most likely insured this.

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