[PIC] First Look at the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s Right Hand Drive Interior


[PIC] First Look at the 2020 Corvette Stingray's Right Hand Drive Interior

The first official photo of the Right Hand Drive 2020 Corvette Stingray was just released by Chevrolet. The stunning photo reveals a 3LT Two-Tone Natural interior including GT2 seats with Suede Inserts and a Suede Steering Wheel.

Chevrolet announced a Right Hand Drive production Corvette at the Next Generation Corvette Reveal on 07.18.19.

News of a Right Hand Drive production Corvette for our friends in countries driving on the left side of the road was celebrated around the world. While a few companies offer Right Hand Drive conversions, the cost to do so has been prohibitive for many. The 8th Generation Corvette in a Right Hand Drive configuration from the factory provides the potential for Corvettes to be more attainable around the world than ever before.

[PIC] First Look at the 2020 Corvette Stingray's Right Hand Drive Interior

Customers appear to be enthusiastic over the availability of the RHD models. Over 300 pre-orders for the 2020 Corvette Stingray were received by Japanese customers during the Toyko Auto Salon last month. Previous C7 Corvette sales in the country amounted to around 100 per year.

[PIC] First Look at the 2020 Corvette Stingray's Right Hand Drive Interior

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  1. In the category of a strange question…..
    I have several European cars that are RHD and believe it or not I like driving them here in the U.S. Most recently I did a cross country drive in my RHD Morgan Plus 8 which I enjoyed tremendously. Now the question is can you purchase a C8 in the U.S.?

  2. Opps….amend just sent comment to say “…can you purchase a RHD C8 in the U.S.?”

  3. Bob, that’s an interesting question. I’m going to guess that you wouldn’t be able to do so, but could import one back to the US at some point.

  4. Jeremy, thank you for your quick response. I’ll be going to the 2020 Bash in April so maybe someone there from GM might have the answer. Should you or anyone else at any point learn what the answer is would appreciate hearing it. Thanks.

  5. Yeah so once Holden is dead here in Australia, GM looks interested in maintaining a special vehicle arm in Australia and New Zealand called GM Special Vehicles.

    These guys look like they will be importing the right hook Vette, and doing conversions to left hand drive Camaro, Silverado, Cadillac and GMC.

    I would prefer they didn’t butcher a left hand drive vehicle though, as they only supply parts for 10 years post production.

    I am already dealing with a restoration on a right hand drive Vette, and parts are an issue.

  6. How does this play out with the GM announcement it is pulling back from RHD production WW. Will it still make economic sense to continue this C8 project ?

  7. Craig, thanks for your comment as well as the link. A couple of data points:

    * I own a 2003 RHD Morgan Plus 8 which was titled and registered in New York even though it isn’t 25 years or older.

    * Relative to the importation language in the link brings to mind the old Chrysler tag line: Imported from Detroit. Hmmm I guess in this case it would be: Imported from Bowling Green!

    * Assuming the RHD C8s are manufactured in compliance with FMVSS like the LHD C8s it would seem to check that federal certification box. Combined with New York State not having a problem titling and registering non-25 or older RHD vehicles, like my Morgan, checks that box.

    * In conclusion there appears to be only one issue left. Would Chevy sell me a RHD C8 essentially “importing” it from Bowling Green to New York. Interesting.

    Thank you everyone for your insights. I’ll now look into finding out if Chevy will sell me an “imported” C8.


  8. Looks great. I only hope they let us configure the car like you can in the USA & not just bring in a small number & say that’s all the choices you can have…

  9. I have put my deposit 6 months ago here in Sydney Australia and I know more about this topic than my local dealer. GM appears to be taking the back step about whether Australia is getting the C8 or not. Why this constant delay? It seems that the CEO Mary Barra is focusing her attention elsewhere like electric cars.

  10. Tadge stated clearly in the Jay Leno ‘s Garage video that a right-hand drive Corvette from the factory would be illegal to sell in the United States. Thus, after satisfying the time requirement for a used car, importing one down the road would likely be the only way, other than an expenisve, (and pointless conversion). AF

  11. Alex,
    Thanks for the Leno and Tadge conversation reference on RHD C8s being sold in the U.S.. There goes that thought. At least now I know.

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