[PICS] Sharp C7 Corvette Renderings From An Unlikely Source


[PICS] Sharp C7 Corvette Renderings From An Unlikely Source

We’re only two years into the eight-generation Corvette, with lots more exciting models believed to be in the pipeline.

That doesn’t mean everyone has given up on the previous generation. Witness this updated rendering of the C7 Corvette as imagined by Sean Peterson, who ironically enough is an exterior automotive design for Ford Motor Company.

When the new mid-engine Corvette came out, we thought it would be doom and gloom for the C7. But we’ve changed our opinion now and believe that the front-engine Corvettes – since they’re no longer being assembled – will be highly sought models for years to come. Just one guy’s opinion.

Anyway, Sean used some of his spare time to come up with a couple of renderings that show how the C7 could be updated.

Some of his ideas include matte black paint with mint green accents, a huge hood scoop funneling air to the engine, a larger front grille, X-shaped LED headlights that almost appear invisible, large angular side scoops, a rear light bar that stretches from one side of the car to the other, cameras for side mirrors, a Bugatti-like rear diffuser, a central fin running into the rear window, complex-shaped matte black wheels, and perhaps the most controversial element – the rear wing that looks to us like a pterodactyl is landing on the car.

What are your thoughts on this updated C7 look? We don’t dislike it, but we’re not in love with it. And no, we wouldn’t like to see it become the basis for an electric C9 design.

Sean Peterson / Instagram

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  1. My favorite part: the side rockers look like Achilles’ Tendon slicers. Yes!


    It looks like a concept car for the Tron movies.

  2. It’s kind of neat, but wouldn’t that “huge hood scoop” funnel air OUT of the engine (compartment) rather than into it? I know my smaller one does…

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