[PICS] Toyota Designer Shares Render of His ‘Electro Stingray’


[PICS] Toyota Designer Shares Render of His 'Electro Stingray'

Photo Credit: Craig Kember / Instagram

A future filled with electric cars doesn’t necessarily have to be scary for enthusiasts set in their internal combustion ways.

Witness this latest rendering of an electric Corvette, penned by none other than an 18-year veteran studio designer with Toyota.

Craig Kember calls it “my Electro Stingray design” in a recent Instagram post.

He’s usually busy working on automotive design for Toyota, having done every aspect from creation of high-level design to real-world production feasibility, ranging from vehicle production exterior designs to show car exterior and interior designs, to championship-winning race car designs.

He’s even designed a wide variety of projects outside Toyota, ranging from Nerf Blasters to Tonka and Star Wars vehicles.

Little wonder he decided to take on the personal challenge of designing a futuristic Corvette, currently one of the hottest cars in the world.

His Army Green Corvette concept draws from the past with design cues from the C3 in its bulging front and rear fenders and from the C2 in its rear greenhouse. Kember even returned to the longtime Corvette tradition of four round taillights, but with a modern LED circular outline instead of the usual solid lenses.

“Can the future and heritage coexist?” Kember asks rhetorically in his post. “I sure hope so.”

So do we. What do you think?

Craig Kember / Instagram

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