[VIDEO] Chip Foose Customizes a ’62 Corvette with a Midyear Dash



It was about a year ago when we caught part one of this custom ’62 Corvette build being done by the great Chip Foose. I remember checking out the shorter 2nd video which featured mostly people not named Chip Foose and so we haven’t covered it since. But Chip is back in the widebody ’62 Corvette project and this time he is melding a midyear’s double-hump dash design into the C1 Corvette.

It was in the third YouTube video that owner Gary Cropp first suggested the 1963 Corvette dash being added, and Chip appeared to latch onto that concept pretty quickly.

Now that we are caught up, the video opens with him in the cockpit of the car with a midyear’s dash that was cut into two. Once he makes his initial marks, he and the crew go to work on making it fit properly in the ’62.

[VIDEO] Chip Foose Customizes a '62 Corvette with a Midyear Dash

As always the skill and craftsmanship on display are so interesting to watch, and we get to see many skillsets being applied as metal is being cut, bent, and shaped. And because it’s a Corvette, there will be fiberglass work.

According to the YouTube description, the widebody ’62 Corvette rides on an Art Morrison chassis and will be powered by an LT4 crate motor with a Whipple supercharger which we can see wrapped up in the engine bay as the team works around it.

Check out Part 4 of Chip Foose and this 1962 Corvette widebody project, and if that grabs you, we’ve linked to the previous episodes above.

Foose Design / YouTube

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  1. The amount money it must take to have Chip Foose and his team put in these kind of hours to do this amount of customization to a Corvette must be astronomical!

  2. Well I think that you should just leave the classics alone. But it is a neat concept. It is interesting that Chip Foose started this journey with Boyd Coddington and grew all the way to Overhaulin. basically setting the hot Rod culture on fire. Then Dave Kindig comes along and just kicks Chip’s butt at every turn. Sorry, but it is true.

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