[VIDEO] Chip Foose Goes to Work on a Custom 1962 Corvette Widebody (Part 1)


[VIDEO] Chip Foose Goes to Work on a Custom 1962 Corvette Widebody (Part 1)

Fans of Chip Foose and the TV show Overhaulin will enjoy this new video of Chip and his team working on a custom 1962 Corvette. I’ve always enjoyed watching Chip in action and his attention to detail and ability to describe his vision ahead of the build always amazes me.

For this 1962 Corvette project, the car is given the widebody treatment and will soon ride on an Art Morrison chassis. Throughout the video, you will see Chip doing much of the work on the Corvette himself. From cutting fenders to bending chrome bumpers, he certainly isn’t worried about getting his hands dirty.

This is just Part 1 of the project and we hope to check out any future episodes as they arrive.

From Foose Design via YouTube:

Take a peek at the latest project in the Foose Design shop! This ’62 C1 Corvette is getting a complete makeover from Chip and his team.

Foose Design / YouTube

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  1. I’ve been watching Chip Foose on Television for what seems like a very long time. This piece via the Corvette Blogger is far more in depth in a number of way. For me, at least, it allows me to see the genius that is Chip Foose. He doesn’t loose the big picture of his re-imagined cars even as he works and measures the finest of details. His eye is absolutely amazing. He has a sort of built in radar. And he can draw two-dimensionally what he sees. Then he keeps what is already a 3-D image in his mind, the drawing always a sort of guide of what he sees in the first place. If something needs development, he develops it and he does not get deterred. This is an automotive-Michelangelo at work. AF


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