Corvette Assembly Plant to Close Next Week Due to Parts Shortage


Corvette Assembly Plant to Close Next Week Due to Parts Shortage

Like all good streaks, the uninterrupted nine-week run by the Corvette Assembly Plant to stay open is coming to an end as the plant will shut down for the week of May 10th due to a parts shortage. The Assembly Plant is expected to reopen on May 17th.

We heard the rumor of the plant closure yesterday afternoon and this morning we confirmed it with a quick call to the Corvette Concierge hotline. The representative told us when inquired that it’s parts-related and not due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips that are plaguing automotive manufacturers.

The last time the plant was fully closed due to supply chain issues was the week of March 1st. Since then the plant has been able to run a full capacity over the last nine weeks.

Earlier this week, Chevrolet sent a memo to dealers letting them know that 2021 Corvette production is expected to run into August with the week of August 9th expected to be the final week for the model year. We’ll have to wait and see if this or future closures will extend the model year production.

During a regular week of production, the Assembly Plant can build on average 900 new Corvettes. Chevrolet has produced around 13,320 Corvettes so far for the 2021 model year.


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  1. Another “supply chain interruption” for GM, Hmm!
    And yet no competitor’s plants are closing????
    Seems like bad management/planning may be the real cause.

  2. Maybe they can send the parts needed to repair my 2021 HTC that is in the shop for the third time. This time it has been 3 weeks and the part they are going to try “may” be at the dealership on may 17th. It seems nobody knows for sure and GM has been no help! $97,500 car and it has been in the shop close to 2 months. I was offered money to use for future maintenance! LOL I believe I have a BIG LEMON!

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