[VIDEO] Chip Foose Draws a 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe


[VIDEO] Chip Foose Draws a 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

Automotive designer and builder extraordinaire Chip Foose is back with another video showing him drawing a car. We last featured a similar video where he sketched out a C5 Corvette almost a year ago and this time, the star of Overhauling goes to work on one of his favorite Corvettes of all time, the 1963 Corvette Split-window Coupe.

Chip says he has loved the 1963 Corvette since he was a kid and the fact that the one-year-only design debuted the same year that he was born makes it even more special for him. Yet, Chip says he has never owned one…yet. But if offered the ability to customize the car, the designer does what he does best, reimagining the Corvette as a streamlined restomod to create a vehicle you can just jump in and go.

[VIDEO] Chip Foose Draws a 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

For you purists out there, Chip says he wouldn’t mod just any 1963 Corvette and says that if a survivor came into his shop, his recommendations would be to keep the car stock, “I wouldn’t mess with it,” says Chip. For a non-stock 1963 Corvette build, Chip tells us he would go with “a Roadster Shop chassis under it…with a killer motor and then drop the thing right down on the ground and do a really cool set of larger diameter wheels and low-profile tires.”

As he sketches his design (with a Bic ballpoint pen of all things) he talks about the 1963 Split Window and some of the history of the car. He also offers some other edits he would do like getting rid of the vent windows and deleted the chrome on the A-Pillar. After his first drawing, he then starts making his subtle changes to the car like sweeping back the doors and rear back deck and other improvements to “streamline” the car.

[VIDEO] Chip Foose Draws a 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

One his line drawing is completed, Chip goes to the markers and begins to really fill out the car with the shading and characteristics of a Silver exterior. With the drawing now showing some real definition, he continues to pull out various markers and even a small paintbrush as he colors in the polished wheels and adds additional highlights.

When Chip is finally finished with the drawing, he adds his name to the photo, and then once again goes through his reasoning on why he made certain changes as well as the certain elements of the stock ’63 Corvette that really speak to him. Fans of the designer will really enjoy the video so if you’re a fan of the man or the car, make sure to give it a watch as you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. If I owned a “63, Chip Foose is the only one I would let get near it.

    I have a Laguna Blue C 7 but still love the Sixty Three

  2. He is lackluster when it comes to design. He two tones everything, puts oversized wheels and tires on, then he ignores the best features of the car. Only Chip Foose could take a masterpiece and ruin it! Boyd Coddington’s cars looked much better after Chip Foose left the company. The awful trend your are seeing today with cars being done without taste or style is directly related to Foose. Cars from that era had some of the best designers in the business working on them, those cars have a timeless style that will never be duplicated again. Computer designed cars pale in comparison to cars designed by actual artists. The ’57 Chevy, the ’63 Corvette, the ’69 Camaro, some of the best looking cars to ever hit the streets! All designed by true artists who had immense talent, extreme dedication, and incredible vision! Something that very few artists today possess.

  3. I love Chip Foose. I disagree with the above and think he has a good eye for design. It is completely subjective though. Chip does a good job of communicating his thought process to the masses, which does lead to seeing more of his “style”. I think his designs are striking and always elegant. (which can rub those, who like more aggressive lines, the wrong way). I would prefer to see a little more rubber as I hate super low profile tires. Sure, I like large diameter wheels, but I also like a little more profile of the tire to balance some of that out as well. His designs can get played out some, as the masses try to copy some of the things he does…But he is one of the best.

    I thought the 63 changes worked. The car he drew looks GREAT. As I said, I do love his designs, and I know how much of a stickler he is for details…So I had to chuckle when he left the pass-through exhaust on the car after he added the side pipes (and I am sorry if I offend anyone…but I think every C2 needs side pipes…LOL)

  4. Foose does it again. He never makes changes for the sake change. His subtle mods to the doors and the rear glass just flat out work.

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