[VIDEO] Dubai’s C7 Corvette “Fire Car” Has A Top Speed Of 211 MPH


[VIDEO] Dubai's C7 Corvette 'Fire Car' Has A Top Speed Of 211 MPH

The C8 Corvette has already proven itself to be superior to its predecessor at everything average customers seem to want. Two notable exceptions to this rule are: 1. having a clutch pedal, and 2. wearing chrome wheels.

Well, Team C7, some not-so-average customers from the Dubai Civil Defense department have officially added put another mark in your car’s W column! The seventh-generation Corvette absolutely demolishes the new guy as a…FIRE TRUCK!

The NED Tv YouTube channel caught up with the yellow and red livered 2016 Stingray/public servant for a quick walk-around.

[VIDEO] Dubai's C7 Corvette 'Fire Car' Has A Top Speed Of 211 MPH

“The World’s Fastest Fire Car” has been heavily modified for duty with the Dubai FD. The presenters claim a 4-5 minute response time anywhere in the famed UAE city because of a 340 kph top speed. A quick Google search translates that to 211.26 mph. They didn’t pop the hood, but that number (just a few tenths off of the 755-HP ZR1’s maximum velocity) rendered us skeptical, to say the least, especially when we saw the impressive, and bulky, setup under the rear hatch.

The cavernous trunk has been upgraded with everything Dubai’s bravest need to get a start battling flames while they wait for their sluggish peers. An industrial-strength pump is flanked by a fire hose and a pair of canisters. One handles the water, and its mate sends out fire-suppressing foam.

[VIDEO] Dubai's C7 Corvette 'Fire Car' Has A Top Speed Of 211 MPH

After seeing this ingenious application of the Plastic Fantastic, we can’t help but wonder what the Corvette Team was even thinking about when they relocated the engine right into the middle of the water dispersal area. Does GM even care about fighting desert fires? It isn’t enough to just build a world class sports car that can comfortably tour the country, carry golf bags, and slay a road course anymore, if it can’t double as a high-speed extinguisher, it isn’t a Corvette! Guess it’s back to the drawing board, guys!

NED Tv / YouTube

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