[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Owner Explains Why He Loves the Great Wall of Buttons


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Owner Explains Why He Loves the Great Wall of Buttons

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Chevrolet’s mid-engine masterpiece generally gets great reviews as it’s been featured over the last year by the magazines, blogs, and YouTuber reviews. If there is something the reviewers don’t like about the car, most likely they will say it’s that “polarizing” long wall of HVAC controls in the interior.

Despite winning being named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and the North American Car of the Year, the 2020 Corvette was also named to the list of the “worst car interiors” by Bloomberg News because of that center console.

We fondly refer to the slanted console that holds the C8’s heating and air controls as the Great Wall of Buttons and always thought it was one of the unique design features of the model. Now, there are rumors that Chevy may be doing a redesign to modify or remove the Great Wall. We don’t know what the ideal solution should be, but we do know that most owners we talk with are perfectly fine with the button’s layout and functionality.

As this Corvette Member says in a YouTube video he made about the buttons, most of the criticism is coming from those that don’t drive the mid-engine Corvettes on a regular basis, and therefore don’t see the genius in center console’s layout.

From Hillslam via the Corvette Forum:

I’m going to go over why I think the great wall of buttons in the C8 is in fact perfect. I know over the past year or so some reviewers and casual observers called it out, but if you live with the car you’ll come to realize it is actually quite clever. You’ll never have to take your eyes off the road and barely have to move your arm, elbow down. Real, actual buttons always trump touchscreens.

Corvette Forum

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  1. The one thing I don’t care about in the C8. I would think it would take a whole lot of driving to get familiar enough with the placements to not look at them without when in operation. I like my C7 controls much better. If I want to adjust them I don’t have to look to my right. Just look down under the video screen. Looks too gimmick for me. Bet it goes away.

  2. It kills me every time I hear someone say they can’t get use to the button layout on the C8.We have learned to type without looking, text while driving and multitask phone conversation. But we can’t memorize the buttons in a straight line. Nice try!

  3. I like it just fine. Have 500 miles on it and the buttons are pretty obvious if you take a few minutes to learn how they are sequenced.

  4. I am very comfortable with all the instruments and controls. This is a drivers car and resembles the cockpit of an airplane. We also receive similar opinions concerning the mid-engine cars and paddle-shift. I personally love this car and it is the best Corvette I have ever owned. Don’t pass up the experience. I am a senior citizen and learned the instrument panel in a couple of hours.

  5. Like it better on dash like the C7. That split second looking down to your right could get you in a serious accident.

  6. We are very Happy with all of the controls the only thing that is a bit hard to get on to is the petals my shoe seems to creep under the brake petal and i find it very hard to slide your foot on the gas petal and I have tried many different shoes.

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