MotorTrend Says An Interior Redesign Is Coming For The 2023 Corvette


MotorTrend Says a C8 Interior Redesign is Coming for the 2023 Corvette

We know that when C8 Corvette designers went to work on the mid-engine sportscars’ interior, there were lots of discussions regarding how the cockpit should be driver-focused. We also know that engineers wanted the ability to control the car’s functions not just through the center console display but also through physical buttons on the dash to control various cabin functions. The solution ended up being known by Corvette enthusiasts as the Great Wall of Buttons which serves as the C8’s unique way to access the car’s HVAC controls.

That design element is probably the most polarizing based on all the reviews we’ve seen, and we think it even was the major reason the C8 Corvette ended up on Bloomberg News list of the worst interiors of the year for 2020.

Our personal take is that once you get used to the buttons and their functions, it is very intuitive to control the HVAC systems there instead of diving into the touch screen display and having to navigate several screens to get to those controls. But we can’t help but feel a little sorry for passengers who can feel somewhat isolated from the driver on the other side of that downward-sloping row of buttons.

MotorTrend Says A C8 Interior Redesign is Coming for the 2023 Corvette

Now comes word from MotorTrend’s “MT Confidential” section in their April 2021 issue that suggests a redesign for the Great Wall of Buttons may be in the works for the 2023 Corvette.

Here is what “MT Confidential” has to say:

The C8 Corvette’s somewhat fussy styling was already locked and loaded when Michael Simcoe took over at GM Design Chief.

But sources in Detroit say the mid-cycle re-design Simcoe had originally planned for 2025 has been put on the back burner as GM pours money in its electrical vehicle program. However, inside say an interior redesign aimed at among other things fixing the array of buttons and switches cascading down the buttress on the right side of the center console has survived the bean counters. The redesigned interior will reportedly appear on 2023 C8’s.

Whether or not an interior redesign is officially underway is something we’ll have to wait and see. Is this something you would like to see Chevy’s interior designers focused on? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Yes and it can’t happen fast enough. But I think the Great Wall of. Hi a will stay. Remembwr GM is run by a woman now

  2. I don’t mind them, but my passenger feels squished. The one thing I do NOT like about the wall of buttons it that the illumination light on the button during the day is soooo small, I can’t really tell if it’s on or not.

  3. IMHO, GM should leave it alone, maybe increasing the intensity of the indicator lights like Kenneth suggests, minor improvements but, save the existing configuration until the C9 re-design.

  4. If I wanted the opinion of an arrogant progressive dictator, then I would turn to Bloomberg…same guy, or not? It may be a cliche, but this is obviously FAKE NEWS. The C8 interior is amazing. It’s not perfect, but worst interior?!?! How about the boring TESLA?

  5. I agree, the indicator lights are too small and too dim to be seen during daylight.
    Increasing the intensity should be delivered as an off the air download.

  6. I have absolutely no issue with the HVAC controls location or functions. In fact I really like them there and the way it is set up. In my case, I have it set on auto at the temp I want and seldom have to touch them. Glad I have a 2020!

  7. I don’t have to go to any screen to set my climate control on my 19 C7 it’s buttons and a temp knob. Screen says where it’s at that’s all. The isolation of the passenger on the C8 needs work for sure. Maybe share the screen more too.

  8. I prefer the row of buttons to having to use the touch screen. I already know where the controls are by feel and don’t even have to look anymore. I do wish there were grab handles for the passenger, though. Nothing to hang on to!!!

  9. Bring back the knobs…Ford smartened up and listen to their customers…and put the Radio volume control KNOB back on the dash…touch screens suck, especially in heavy traffic, where you have to keep your eyes on the road. YES…lets put some “oh shit” handles on the interior, to assist you getting out of the car, and especially when the driver, wants to do some “spirited” driving.

  10. Row of buttons OK with me very functional. My preference would be to have more of a “race car” approach to the dash layout rather than techno. Reminds me a lot of my 1984 C4 the 1st run with the all digital dash. Impressive at 1st, but became dated fast!

  11. Just make the interior larger for guys like me that are 6’5” tall. Hey GM don’t your “researchers” show that taller people make more money? Not to mention NBA players and other athletes. Open up a whole new affluent demographic. You’re welcome GM.

  12. They need to find a way to go back to the simple, intuitive, easy to use center dash mounted HVAC controls just like what’s on the C7. I can easily use mine without hardly taking my eyes off the road.

  13. The exterior design should be the main concern. It looks like two different cars glued together. If Simcoe would take a look at the design by Chip Foose , he would see what the Corvette should look like.

  14. Bloomberg… Really??? Those imbeciles in NYC don’t even know how to start a car let alone drive one let alone know what looks good and works even better.

  15. Tremendous car, but the passenger isolation and trying to find the right button, at night, in the driving rain can be a bit of a challenge. This will make the car what it ought to be!

  16. they mess with the INTERIOR? and leave the EXTERIOR (the ugliest – most busy-boring exterior (to an uncorvettish extent) to a Corvette yet – probably even worse than the C5) untouched?
    this was the BEST interior ever in a production car! by faaar.
    they should just make the Indy or the CERV and adjust the current interior, and call it a C9.
    there is ONLY 1 good line on the whole C8 exterior…the side intake. that is a design masterpiece.

    btw this is not only my opinion, this is the opinion of other fellow car designers, too. we all agree on this. Interior is top notch. Exterior not so much.

  17. Have you heard anymore about the check engine light on the C8? I have the gremlin and so far the dealer has changed the fuel pump driver control module and run a bunch of diagnostics to no avail.

  18. I like it just the way it is. Wife hates my corvettes and so she stays out of them. Keep up the good work GM.

  19. I’M 6’3″ and if they could get the door to swing open a little farther so I wouldn’t have to try to get my foot under the door, especially when getting out. It’s like there should be one more stop to let the door swing just a couple more inches. And something for the passengers to hang on to……

  20. Once the temperature is set, who cares about all those buttons? But they look good! And, the “isolated” passenger occurs only if they want that.

  21. If GM is fixing things and considering a redesign then please, oh please fix those horrible looking taillights. The back end of the C8 is an absolute mess. Too fat, too fussy, and did I mention those ugly taillights?

  22. Maybe by 2023 you will be able to buy one for MSRP. GM made a big deal about the low MSRP of the C8. Too bad you can’t even get close to buying one for that price.

  23. So many comments and suggestions, yet sales are incredible! I think GM and Corvette did a fantastic job in all phases of the C8. I really like the look of our HTC, but have lots of love for the coupe, too. 👍

  24. Every time something new comes out people say it’s ugly. I believe Corvette has as much right to change and become advanced as any other brand of car. Remember folks this is a car with a long trajectory and it deserves the best that the stylists and engineers can put into it. Also remember it has a long reputation and GM shouldn’t be forced to change things just because people feel something is ugly.

  25. look at the sales. if you can make it better, fine. but dont ruin it for the sake of some naysayer BJ so called ‘journalists’, who have no clue about sports cars whatsoever. because whoever was criticizing THIS interior – has obviously no clue.
    if you want to change anything, try the exterior. cant ruin that one.

    or go the porsche way. do a new edition, with no central whatever the hell ppl think is wrong – and call it BJ edition. then check sales 🙂

  26. Personally I’ve liked it since the first time I seen it. LEAVE IT ALONE…… “If it’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It” 👍😎 IMHO 😁

  27. I love it and I think it’s great! And by the way I agree about the Tesla. Paying that kind of money and getting this austere boring ugly interior? I hope Chevy does it right when they electrify the Corvette.

  28. No change needed. Would rather the buttons. LOVE the fact that the main two I use are raised chrome toggles. I do not need to look at those to use them. Great design. I have NO complaints over the interior. The lock/unlock buttons are hard to see and find and the trunk and frunk buttons are hard to find, other than that, super to use. I drive mine daily, 7400 miles since October. Glad I bought it when I did.

  29. No change needed. Would rather the buttons. LOVE the fact that the main two I use are raised chrome toggles. I do not need to look at those to use them. I have NO complaints over the interior. The lock/unlock buttons are hard to see and find and the trunk and frunk buttons are hard to find, other than that, super to use. I drive mine daily, 7400 miles since October. Glad I bought it when I did.

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