Bloomberg News Puts the 2020 Corvette On Its Worst Interiors of the Year List


Bloomberg News Puts the 2020 Corvette On Its Worst Interiors of the Year List

Well, you can’t please everybody.

While the new eighth-generation Corvette has earned award after award – all of them positive honors – in its short time on the market, Bloomberg News has released its listing of “The Worst Car Interiors of the Year” and the 2020 Stingray is on it!

Of course, the mid-engine Corvette joins some pretty ritzy company like the McLaren 570S, Lotus Evora, and Nissan GT-R Nismo.

Bloomberg explains: “The Chevrolet Corvette, the McLaren 570s, and Lotus Evora, for example, are among the most athletic, fun-to-drive vehicles on the market today.”

But then the website proceeds to rip the Stingray a new one.

“This take is going to be polarizing – the C8 is a great driving car – but then the interior itself is polarizing. Literally. Witness the massive, curved divider that runs straight through the middle of the car. Lined with buttons and covered in low-grade leather, it looks like a part of the command helm on the starship Enterprise.”

My fellow Corvette enthusiasts, they don’t get it, do they?

They argue that “there’s no flow, no fluidity in the space between the driver and passenger, which ruins any attempt at harmony within the car.”

Is that the point of a sports car – can’t we all just get along?

Bloomberg News Puts the 2020 Corvette On Its Worst Interiors of the Year List

Furthermore, they argue that “you’ll never be able to reach over and squeeze your driving partner’s knee or use the buttons on the angled center dashboard screen while the car is being driven.”

Again, my fellow Corvette enthusiasts, they don’t get it, do they?

Then they complain that “those dozens of buttons along the interior walls, dashboard, and dividers feel out of step with current themes and with much of the luxury segment, where brands like Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce brag about how many interior knobs and switches they’re removing – at customer request.”

Based on our experience with the C8 in the past two months, we’ve found it refreshing to have switches that are always visible and not buried deep inside layers of electronic screens.

Bloomberg also notes that the “single-minded orientation of every button and screen in the cabin toward the driver crosses the line between just being a driver’s car and being too much; anyone unfortunate enough to ride shotgun is going to feel very left out.”

They just don’t get it, do they? Anyone riding shotgun in a new C8 is going to be very, very fortunate.

They also have negative comments about the new “squircle” steering wheel, saying it “looks as if it were borrowed from Buick,” and the poor visibility at the A and B pillars, “as you might expect in such a low, awkwardly designed cabin.”

Bloomberg News Puts the 2020 Corvette On Its Worst Interiors of the Year List

They really would have a hissy-fit if they realized they were wrong about the side blind zone alert system being standard. It’s only with the 2LT and 3LT, of course, but we will agree with them that such a safety feature should be standard on all levels.

On the bright side, the Corvette comes out looking like a hero compared to the way Bloomberg trashes the McLaren, Lotus, and Nissan!


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  1. At least I can say I’m not losing any respect for Bloomberg, as I’d have to have had some to lose.

  2.’s Bloomberg. It’s like being reviewed by House and Garden. Who cares what those people think?

  3. Consider the source…they know nothing and the poor staff are blinded with bias and their own agenda. Now you know they have now knowledge or taste performance cars. Proof positive shows in the sales backlog and there are not too many Bloomberg staffers on the order list. JD

  4. This from a company who’s owner is paying Convicted Florida Felons $1500 each to vote for Joe Biden.

  5. As a 4-month C8 owner, I’d have to agree with many of Bloomberg’s gripes. I do appreciate the steering wheel as a brilliant breakthrough. I’m getting used to the separation wall. But overall, this interior is too flashy and complicated in its use of overlapping surfaces, shapes, and dividing element.

  6. Well that got political fast. I read the article, it was kind of stupid and was supposed to be about sports car interiors (if I remember right) but then had some random fiat 500 or some crap as one of the cars. When they tried to crap on the C8, I was done. I do agree the center divider is a point of division but other than that, it looks amazing. Democrat snowflake out!

  7. This is suppose to a blog about Corvettes. and like everything else , these sorry people with too much time on their hands , have to start making snarky political statements. Keep your opinions to yourself…WE don’t care what you think.

  8. The side blind alert system should be on every model, and the rear view mirror camera should have been standard on the 1LT or that we could buy it for the 1LT.

  9. I agree with Catbert and actually operate Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate for South Florida. BHG is not in the car review business and I am still trying to make the connection of how Bloomberg thinks they are qualified to be. Stick to financial news….everyone would respect you more if you did.
    The wait for a C8 is how long??

  10. One good point, remember when the purpose of a console was for the shifter? Otherwise you got a bench seat. with no drive shaft or tranny in the middle why do we need the Berlin wall? this ugly car does not even have a shifter . is this to be totally European? They going the NASCAR way trying to win drivers who hate every thing but the Prius or Subaru sure to back fire. Don’t tell me get with the times I have a 15 and love it.

  11. McMorrow, news flash , “get with the times”, your 15 is nearly 6 years old.
    We think our C8 is close to perfect for a $80,000 car ( options)

  12. The times say that drivers are so bad that they need alarms to warn them that they are about to hit the car beside them? A doctor on L I is proud of him self because all cars now have back up cameras that he fought for. Why? because he ran over his own child. In time we will not be driving our own cars. If that is getting with it leave me out.

  13. The interior does need a re-design for sure. I think the top of the dash looks like, what were they thinking? The button wall with nothing for the passenger is not thought out. It’s like the passenger is a prisoner. The seats look nice, and that’s about it.

  14. Bloomberg is still living in the past, old school! Who says all vehicle interiors has to be the way they say? Their review is useless!

  15. if anyone parks to close to you, you will never climb in from the passenger side with the roof on.

  16. Lol, who gives a crap what Bloomberg says or thinks? And yes, Biden does have a nice 67′ I think drop top. Getting my vote.

  17. Hey Racerboy, who told you that horse shit?? Besides, he won’t have to pay anyone the whole country wants this ass clown gone.

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