[VIDEO] World’s Worst C8 Corvette Now Thinks It’s a Cadillac


[VIDEO] World's Worst C8 Corvette Now Thinks It's a Cadillac

Remember a few years ago when there were rumors that camouflaged prototypes captured by spy photographers might actually be Cadillac mid-engine cars instead of Corvettes?

Well, maybe that rumor is true.

No, we’re just kidding, but it’s definitely no laughing matter for Jaysmizle, the owner of this Torch Red 2020 Corvette coupe, who continues to produce evidence that he has “the world’s worst Corvette ever built,” as he puts it.

We first told you a few months ago about all the gremlins that are making life miserable for this fellow, and he’s just posted yet another problem with his new Stingray.

This time the car thinks it’s a Cadillac. Whenever he cranks it up, a Cadillac crest pops up on the main touchscreen!

To prove his point, Jaysmizle cranks the car up twice while filming, and both times it shows the Caddy emblem, while also wiping out all his radio pre-sets as well as his Bluetooth connection.

[VIDEO] World's Worst C8 Corvette Now Thinks It's a Cadillac

“My car did that demo mode thing,” he says on camera. “It erased all of my radio pre-sets, and a Cadillac emblem comes up on the main screen. I’m not sure how that’s possible.”

“I don’t think I’m that dramatic when I say I own the world’s worst Corvette ever built,” he concludes.

“This takes the cake. Was my car built on a Friday? Does GM even care about quality control?”

Back in February, we told you about some of Jaysmizle’s other problems that he documented in several quick videos revealing the strange issues he’s had with the car.

The first problem surfaced in late December – a bad frunk actuator where the car thought the trunk is open when it’s not, limiting speeds to 26 mph. Unfortunately, this happened on a busy highway. At least, this was a known problem, and he was able to get it fixed.

Days later, problems with the digital dash and infotainment system surfaced – the radio lit up but nothing was playing, and his HUD and the lights on the steering wheel no longer worked.

We recall rumors about electrical glitches holding up the production of the C8 a couple of years ago – could this be an example?

Fortunately, Jaysmizle’s trauma isn’t representative of the vast majority of new Stingrays, which have earned raves from many others in the media. While some might argue this is the reason you don’t buy a first-year car, this kind of random thing could probably happen with a 2023 or 2024, too.


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  1. Must share the same garbage software. The caddy emblem is a real slap in the face! They should come to his house tonight and fix it!

  2. Forget fixing it. If this were my Corvette I would demand that GM take this car back and give me a new C8. I would stay on their case until they do it too.

  3. Anyone thinking of getting a Corvette HTC maybe want to think again!!! I ordered a 2020 in Dec 2019. I was told I would have to wait for 2021. I was really excited to get a delivery date 12-26-20. On 12-27-20 I put the top down and when I attempted to close it the latches deployed before the top was down. I was an 100 miles from home. I pushed the top closed but an alert showed the top was not secure and the car is limited to 58 MPH. I drove it back to the dealer the next day another hour away. When they contacted GM they were told the part that may be needed. When they installed the part they found some DUMBASS had dropped a screwdriver in the motor area of the closer causing more damage. They ordered more parts and then more parts. 22 days later I get my car back and the next day the top would not close. It was 47 degrees and sunny! Manual says it will operate at 32 degrees and 17 degrees up and down. there is also a warning telling up you if it is too cold. WOULD NOT MOVE!! Dealer sent a flatbed to haul it back. Top operated at 70 inside and then the car was moved to unheated area and it would not operate. I live in north Indiana. The dealer says don’t put it down when it is cold!! The top operated 4-5 times in next couple weeks but it closed with a clunking sound then it jammed just like the first time. I drove it back to the dealer and they did not have any idea how to fix it! GM sent someone to help last week. He says it needs another part. I am told the part “might” be in Michigan on May 17. Over 40 days in the shop and no idea when it will be fixed or if it will ever be right! $97,500 and one of the biggest nightmares of my life!

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