[VIDEO] Tadge Juechter Shares Key Fob Changes as GM Pushes C8 Frunk Update to Dealers


[VIDEO] Tadge Juechter Shares Key Fob Changes as GM Pushes C8 Frunk Update to Dealers

Since last week’s recall notice regarding the 2020 Corvette’s frunk issue, which then led to Chevrolet issuing a Stop Delivery Order, we’ve been waiting anxiously for the news of when the over-the-air updates would begin.

GM told us that engineers were working around the clock on this issue and today they notified dealers that an update will be available tonight. General Motors will then rollout the customer updates shortly afterward.

After several YouTube videos caught the Corvette’s frunk suddenly opening, the Corvette Team has determined that it’s caused by customers inadvertently opening the frunk via the key fob or interior release buttons and then missing the audio and visual warnings when they put the car in drive. We’ve noted in the videos that the cars are going at least 40 mph when the wind catches the frunk lid, lifting it all the way back and causing damage to the hinges and paint.

To explain the update, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter shares this video showing the reprogramming of the key fob’s frunk button. The update changes the pattern so that it’s less likely to be inadvertently pressed causing to the frunk to open while the fob is in your pocket.

The recall update also updates the maximum speed at which you can drive with the frunk open to 26 mph, down from the 82 mph it is set at currently.

The Stop Delivery Order issued last week paused the deliveries of most 2020 Corvettes at dealerships and at the Corvette Museum. Once they receive the update, they can be released to customers. GM will also resume shipping vehicles from the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green once they have been updated as well.

Here is the official statement from Chevrolet:

General Motors has decided to voluntarily recall certain 2020 model-year Chevrolet Corvette vehicles for a potential issue with the vehicle’s front trunk lid.

If drivers ignore the vehicle’s visual and audible warnings that the front trunk lid is open, they can drive the vehicle in that condition at speed, which could increase the likelihood that the wind force is sufficient to inadvertently flip open the hood.

GM will update the software in the vehicles’ Body Control Module (BCM) to limit vehicle speed to 26 mph when the hood is not completely closed and latched. The software update will also provide a driver information center message indicating that the top speed is limited to 26 mph. In addition, the operation of the hood release on the key fob will be modified to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent hood release actuations. The interior door trim switch and release button located inside the front trunk compartment are also modified to require a longer press-time.


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  1. Thanks Tadge some of us needed that update. I think they are tripping the driver door pocket button when they close the door using it as a door pull instead of the the door pull that is up and to the left of the front of that pocket.

  2. Still, none of this explains why there is NO secondary catch in case any of these things happen. How is GM getting by with NO mechanical secondary safety latch?!?!

  3. Time and the NHTSA website will tell if this recall fixes the problem or not. I still find it hard to believe that drivers were responsible for unlatching the frunk lid before driving. One could clearly hear the latch unlatch a split second before the lid flies open in one of the infamous PDR videos.

    The original 82 mph speed limit while driving with frunk lid open is also an inexcusable error on GM’s part.

  4. I second Dave’s comment. Secondary mechanical latches have been standard on nearly all cars forever. Why doesn’t the C8 have one? It’s a lot cheaper than applying software updates to thousands of C8s in the field. I don’t understand why GM abandoned the old way — which is still the best way.

  5. P.S. Will someone please buy Tadge a sandwich? He is ridiculously thin. Too thin. He looks unhealthy. Not good for our favorite Chief Engineer.

  6. If things in you pocket can inadvertently press the button twice, then those things can also press and hold the button. Clearly, not an acceptable fix. Ya gotta have a fail-safe secondary latch. Another company you may have heard of knows this. PORSCHE.

  7. YES! where is the 2nd safety latch?. with all the electronic bull crap how could you notice warnings?
    so all C8 guys are driving around paranoid now? DUCT TAPE THE FRUNK!!!

  8. Update down loads in seconds, up load takes 5 minutes and new lid feathers work like a charm! New top speed if you still want to drive the C8 with the lid open is 26 mph. Lid opens with remote by a press and a press and hold. Two taps on the remote won’t open the front truck lid, (frunk)!

  9. Tadge, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Explain to all of us and to NHTSA why there is a primary latch only and NO secondary safety latch to prevent wind lift. We don’t understand the logic here. How was it decided to take that risk??? We love our Vettes. and want them to be safe. The Corvette community deserves the answers to these questions. PLEASE respond.
    Thank You.

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