[VIDEO] C8 Owner Documents the Gremlins in His New Corvette


[VIDEO] C8 Owner Documents the Grimlins in his New Corvette

What’s worse, Corvette Nation? Wanting a new Corvette and not getting one, or getting a new Corvette and then having all kinds of weird issues with it?

That second scenario is what Jaysmizle via YouTube is having with his Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray which was just delivered to him in December. He says that he loves the car despite the problems, but we would find it hard to be excited for a car that he refers to as the “worst 2020 Corvette ever built”. The new owner has made several quick videos documenting his strange issues with the car, and believe me when you see what he is dealing with, you would be frustrated as well.

Jay’s first problem surfaced at the end of December with a bad frunk actuator where the car thinks the frunk is open when it isn’t, and speeds are limited to 26 mph. Unfortunately for Jay, this happened when he was on a busy highway. At least this was a known problem and after documenting the tow and a message from the service technician, he eventually was able to get that issue fixed.

Days after receiving his Corvette back from the dealership, he shares these videos of the digital dash and infotainment system going out while driving. The radio is lit up, but nothing is playing, and his HUD is no longer working either. All the lights are out on the steering wheel as well. Through it all, he stays remarkably calm as he shares what he is seeing.

Two days later, his next video is still showing the dash not working, but now his car has reverted to DEMO MODE! So it’s back to the dealer to find out more about what is wrong with it. Conveniently, he says the dash came back on when he pulled into the dealer’s lot.

Now it’s two weeks after his second malfunction and he’s apparently learning to live with some of his Corvette’s gremlins, to the point that he’s now making videos like this that’s subtitled, “Hacks for faulty cluster gage [sic].” This next one blew my mind and is the reason for this thread:

One of the commenters on his videos suggested he take advantage of the Lemon Law in which Jay responds, “It’s a beautiful lemon through.” So he’s not quite beaten down by his car’s problems yet, and we hope that his dealership or Chevrolet will be able to get him fixed once and for all!

Jaysmizle / YouTube

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  1. short story:
    pull the cable under the dash,
    open and close the front hood,
    worked for me

    long story:
    the guy hand washing the car
    pushed the button in the door to open the front and back trunks
    (he wanted to wipe up the water)
    the back was ok but the front wouldn’t open

    as I drove home
    the car would only go 26 mph
    it complained that the front trunk was open
    none of the 3 buttons would open it
    (door, front grill, remote)

    once I got home
    I read the manual
    I pulled the cable under the dash
    2 pulls got it completely open

    car seems ok now

    this is the 1st time the car got wet
    the buttons always worked before

    I was afraid to try any of the buttons
    that cable is thin and hurts
    (maybe some padding would help)
    I did try 1 more time (a few days later), same thing happened

    car is at the dealer now
    been there for 24 hours, so far…

  2. I sure as high hope that GM is listening to this guy’s problems. If it were Lexus, they’d send their engineers and assembly line workers to the dealership and examine the problems there.

    I’m a Corvette guy, but I’m also envious and admiring of the commitment to quality that Lexus is so world-renown.

  3. Hang in there, sometimes new cars have gremlins (obviously – really it is surprising that there aren’t more problems,as complex as things have gotten under the hood and all the other places they hide the working electronic bits)…..we bought a Buick Lucerne new in 2008, (CSX V-8 Northstar), which we REALLY love, but it had a couple sensor problems, and it took us taking it back to the dealer maybe 6 times to get it all sorted out…btw, the dealer we bought from is over 120 miles away, (the local GM dealer’s service dept is completely worthless)…..anyway, the Buick is still in our garage, is comfortable on the road for long trips and runs really well after over 110,000 now trouble free miles…..it’s not our daily driver anymore, but is still one of our favorite rides….it’s frustrating, but give them the chance to make it work as it was designed, you’ll be glad you did in the long run…..good luck!!!!!!

  4. Thank You for Documenting these issues. I took delivery of my C8 December 2nd and thinking both our C8’s were built close together. My car is in storage for the winter so no way of knowing if I will run into the same problems until spring. I am now following you on You-Tube but hoping you do not have anymore issues. Good Luck and Thanx Again 🙏

  5. No matter how bad I wanted an new model from any manufacturer, I would have waited until the second year of production. Nothing in the C8 is the same as any prior years; you just know things are going to come up, plus wait a little longer and you can get a Z06. Same thing happened with the new C3 in 1968.

  6. I have heard the 2020’s delivered in the first two months before Covid-19 struck are not built rock solid. Issued with electronics and transmissions. This made me very happy to receive mine in October 2020. All the bugs are worked out. 5500 miles now and no issues at all. LOVE everything about it.

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