Chevrolet Offers Over-the-Air Update for the C8’s Frunk, But Not the One We Are Waiting For


Chevrolet Offers Over-the-Air Update for the C8's Frunk, But Not The One You Are Waiting For

Yesterday we detailed another instance of the C8 Corvette’s frunk opening while the car was in motion. This was caught on the PDR video with the car going approximately 43 mph when the hood sprung open. There are currently seven complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the Frunk opening suddenly and owners are waiting to hear about a resolution.

Also yesterday, we began hearing of an automatic update being sent out to C8 Corvette owners that detailed a fix for the Frunk, but from the description, it doesn’t sound like it fixes the flying-lid issue at all. We reached out to Chevrolet for clarification and a spokesperson provided the following statement:

General Motors has decided to voluntarily recall certain 2020 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles because they fail to conform to a certain FMVSS related to the interior trunk release. These vehicles are designed to enter a low-power “sleep mode” ten minutes after powering off. The trunk lid release button located inside the front trunk compartment may not function while the vehicle is in this sleep mode, as required by FMVSS 401.

GM will update the software in the vehicles’ Body Control Module (BCM) to lower the voltage required to wake the vehicle from the low-power “sleep” mode. This will allow the interior trunk release button to function while the vehicle is in that mode. Owners who have accepted applicable terms and conditions will have the opportunity to accept these software changes using wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology without having to bring their vehicle to a dealership. Alternatively, owners may schedule to have the updates performed at a GM dealer.

A Corvette Forum member named “benplace” filmed his update and from that, we have these screenshots detailing the update:

Chevrolet Offers Over-the-Air Update for the C8's Frunk, But Not The One You Are Waiting For

Chevrolet Offers Over-the-Air Update for the C8's Frunk, But Not The One You Are Waiting For

Chevrolet Offers Over-the-Air Update for the C8's Frunk, But Not The One You Are Waiting For

So the speculation is that while investigating the frunk opening issue, Corvette engineers found that the escape button inside doesn’t function after it goes into low-power mode. So if a child was playing in the garage and somehow became locked in the frunk, the release button would fail to work in the low-power mode.

While some enthusiasts believe that this update is a covert way to fix the Frunk-opening issue without GM admitting fault, I’d like to believe they wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t do that with all the publicity that the issue has generated for their Halo car. You want owners to feel safe because a problem was fixed, not sweep it under the rug and hope everyone forgets about it.

In the meantime, we’ll keep watch for any further statements, updates, or other offerings that lead to a resolution of the flying-lid issue.

It’s not the most exciting video, but here is the full video from “benplace” showing his C8 Corvette updating:


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  1. The Frunk stays shut if you listen for the double click when you close it properly. This is like the Firestone tire deal with the live axle Explorer. They would roll over when the owner neglected to keep air in the tires. The low power is a real problem with the frunk and the little brother that doesn’t have a panic attack after being locked in there for 10 minutes.

  2. Actually 8 complaints against the fly frunk lid, but who’s counting?

    Tin Foil Hat ON….

    The timing of this software update and the fact it is a fix for the totally opposite problem of not being able to open the frunk lid is suspicious at best. Given that GM has not owned the frunk problem and insists that it is a user error I suspect that repair costs are being handled by insurance companies.

    I’m an engineer and have watched a couple of videos including one particular video which is damning when it comes to the frunk problem. In the video one hears NO chimes, the driver doesn’t see any warning on the DIC and a split second before the frunk lid flies up you clearly hear the unlatching of the frunk lid.

    My point is that I suspect and hope that the “extent” of this software fix may very well fix the frunk lid problem in a “quiet” manner. Time will tell.

    Tin foil Hat OFF

    Stay safe out there!

  3. Driver Error, my butt!

    Sounds like a flipper comment. I’m an engineer and I’ve seen the cabin video where there was NO chime warning sound before you could hear the hood latch releasing the hood. A split second after hearing the unlatching the hood flipped fully open. The C8 was traveling at around 40 mph.

    The current NHTSA “flying frunk” complaints are now up to 9 unique incidents. Today another frunk flipped its lid on a Canadian owner who just took delivery of the car a week ago. In the last week flipped lids seem to be happening at the rate of about 1/day.

    If GM truly wanted to prove it was driver error a simple approach would be the following:

    Change the MaxSpeedHoodOpen=82 variable to MaxSpeedHoodOpen=15 in the ECU code and then see how many C8 owners continue to flip their lids.

    GM won’t do this. Why? Because they could NO longer blame the driver! Someone will have to die before GM decides the fix is cheaper than the problem.

    PS: Given the FCC Rule 15 EMI design of the C8 the only “REAL” fix will be the replacement of the current solenoid with a mechanical cable release, including the escape mechanism.

  4. K.G. We so called “engineers” designed that car that you don’t have a clue about. lol

    Whether you’re living in your mom’s basement or are trying to flip a car I’m sorry to bother you with some very simple facts which you are either unwilling to accept or are incapable of understanding. Have a great day!

  5. Don’t open your frunk with the button under the armrest on you drivers door before you drive or the lid will fly up. I don’t need any parts for mine yet but the insurance companies love to total Corvette’s of any generation, even C8!

  6. Elfredo, you couldn’t engineer a popsicle stand! Six bedroom four bath house, not living in anyone’s basement chump!

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