[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Takes Epic 9,000-Mile Road Trip Across America


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Takes Epic 9000-Mile Road Trip Across America

Photo Credit: mdbeyondcars / Instagram

Bucket list time right here!

Imagine taking off nearly three weeks to drive across the USA in America’s sports car. That’s the basis of this new video from “MD Beyond Cars” who posted the epic road trip video he made with his 2020 Corvette Z51 Coupe to his YouTube channel.

Over the course of his 9,000-mile journey, the owner takes the car on a number of top driving roads ranging from Pikes Peak, Washington’s Cascade Loop, and the Tail of the Dragon. During his drive, we would see him cross 23 states and visit a number of the country’s national parks and other interesting attractions.

The owner is promising even more videos about his trip, so count us interested in seeing more drone video of the Sebring Orange Z51 Coupe on some of the best roads in America! In addition to YouTube Channel, you can also see pics and videos on his Instagram page.

In October, I set out in my brand new C8 to take on a 9000-mile road trip around America. The goal of the journey was to see as many National Parks and drive as many iconic roads and scenic routes as possible in less than 3 weeks. I ended up passing through 23 states and 16 National Parks, taking on snow and dirt roads in the mountains and extreme heat out in the desert, and blitzing through driving roads like PCH and Tail of the Dragon. A long-form video will follow, but in the meantime, I’ve put together a highlight tape of some of the best sights and sounds from the trip. You will see video footage from Yellowstone, Death Valley, Laguna Seca, Blue Ridge Parkway, and many more. Hope you enjoy – MD

mdbeyondcars / YouTube

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  1. I imagine he has a drone, although I don’t know where he could carry it and three weeks of clothes.

  2. Bigger risk he could have been struck by a meteor or drowned in a flash flood or got a flat in the middle of New York City

  3. Don’t think thats a Z51 car, no spoiler or splitter. Beautiful the way it is though. Great trip., inspiration for everyone!

  4. I would have been more concerned about the car sitting out in the hotel parking lot.

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