[VIDEO] Supercar Blondie is a Fan of the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Supercar Blondie is a Fan of the C8 Corvette

She doesn’t share any new information, but Supercar Blondie, with her pink-tinted blonde hair and super-cool British accent, still manages to make her review of the new mid-engine Corvette worth watching to serious enthusiasts.

In fact, her review has garnered nearly 700,000 views, thanks no doubt to some of her nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

[VIDEO] Supercar Blondie is a Fan of the C8 Corvette

Supercar Blondie reports that she had trouble getting a test car from General Motors, thanks to the insane demand for the C8 Stingray, but was finally able to procure a Sebring Orange example thanks to her friends at Superior Car Rental in Dubai.

She points out all the features of the car that Corvette fans have known for months, but does offer favorable opinions of many features, including all the storage space in the front and rear “boots” as she calls it, the “very cool” supercar looks, the “super cool” squircle steering wheel, the naturally aspirated 495 horsepower engine, and the “insane” starting price of $60,000. In the Dubai market, however, the car is going for double that, though she says you’re still getting quite a car even at that price.

[VIDEO] Supercar Blondie is a Fan of the C8 Corvette

On the negative side, she doesn’t think the “lo-o-o-o-o-ng” line of buttons on the center console is very intuitive to users though she still likes the look, says she and her team found the bucket seats to be super uncomfortable and complains that the stalk controls on the steering wheel are placed out of reach of normal hand position.

Overall, though, she comes away with a favorable impression of the new Stingray. “I like a mid-engine sports car,” she says. “so for me I’m loving the new look of the Corvette.”

Supercar Blondie / YouTube

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    I have a 2LT Z51, Torch Red exterior, Red Calipers, Natural Leather Interior with the GT2 seats. There are more specs added. The Supercar will be finished being built on 4-16-21. Anyone interested in purchasing the vehicle, please email me at:
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  2. Was surprised about the seats comments. She’s not British, she’s Australian. It’s certainly no C4! 🙂

  3. This might actually be the FIRST Corvette she ever reviewed. She wouldn’t come near the C6-C7 Z06 nor the ZR1s and y’all know how goooood are those cars. About the only American sports/super/hyper car she tested was the Ford GT and even then she wasn’t all that thrilled with it.

    But she certainly fell for the scam that was the Devel 16. And if she was complaining about the C8’s “wall of buttons,” she nearly excused the poor, shoddy, and completely unacceptable construction of the Devel 16’s joke of an interior.

  4. Don’t care what this over rated bimbo thinks or says, watched her show for about 30 seconds and haven’t seen it since. Don’t get how these clowns get a TV show. Not even going to waste my time watching the video.

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