Corvette Owners Attempt Guinness World Record on the Tail of the Dragon


Corvette Owners Try to Set Guinness World Record on the Tail of the Dragon

Last weekend was the annual Corvette Expo car show in Tennessee and this year organizers had something special planned for Corvette owners for the Friday night cruise – an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records for most Corvettes to run the Tail of the Dragon.

The Corvette Expo show runs twice per year, Spring and Fall in Tennessee and while we’ve never been, we hear that it’s a good show to attend.

The Expo is normally held in Sevierville, TN near Knoxville but for this fall show, it was moved to Loudon, TN so that it would be closer to Tennessee’s state road 129 which is home to the Tail of the Dragon, an 11-mile stretch of mountain roads featuring 318 curves.

Participants with the Corvette Cruise of the Dragon were escorted by police for the 50 mile trip through the back roads of Eastern Tennessee and into North Carolina to the famous Deal’s Gap.

The event group applied for a Guinness World Record for the Most Corvettes on the Dragon in one Day. Corvette Expo founder Byron Cooper posted the following on the Corvette Forum:

[quote_box_center]“We got cars from 8,900 miles away that have driven here for this event and to cruise the Dragon. There is no record, so we’ll set the record and that will give us something to play off for years.” [/quote_box_center]

So how did the group do? We don’t have an official count yet and we are not sure if there was an actual record set, but the unofficial count has 423 Corvettes which ran the Tail of the Dragon on Friday.

We’ve been looking for any video of the Corvettes Cruise the Dragon run but so far haven’t seen anything yet, so enjoy this older video of a C6 Corvette making the run:


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  1. My neighbor and I were a couple of the Corvette owner’s who participated in the event. We drove our cars from Northeast Ohio to Loudon, TN, drove the Tail of the Dragon, and then headed east to participate in the Free State Corvette Club Corvette Weekend in Ocean City, MD. Sounds crazy, but yes, we put a lot of miles on our cars and had an amazing weekend!
    My neighbor headed back to Ohio on Sunday the 18th, and I continued to tour the east coast for the next couple of days in my car visiting Washington, DC, Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA before heading back to Ohio.
    I have plenty of pictures and video to share, which I’ll be doing after I rest up a bit from this car lag! 😀

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