[VIDEO] Velgen Forged SL10 Custom Wheels on the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Velgen Forged SL10 Custom Wheels on the C8 Corvette

Within the Corvette community, the most common C8 styling and equipment complaint has centered around the wheel choices. “For such a revolutionary vehicle, GM really phoned in the rims,” is a refrain that echoes through the various forums. When you look back to the previous generation, or even across today’s showroom, it is easy to see where this camp is coming from. If it was upgraded to Z51-spec, the last vehicle with a Stingray badge came with a split-five-spoke wheel that was striking in chrome and menacing in black despite its simple design. The contemporary Camaro also offers a range of wheels that would be considered more attractive than their big brothers by a vast majority of passersby.

It is no surprise then that a wheel-swap is one of the first things on the menu for many owners of Chevrolet’s new mid-engine sports car. VIBE Motorsports (with a backward “B”) of Los Angeles and other purveyors of aftermarket rims are trying to capitalize on this growing trend by taking to the forums themselves with new options for the hoard of nitpickers to consider.

[VIDEO] Velgen Forged SL10 Custom Wheels on the C8 Corvette

Vibe’s most recent post in the Corvette Forum’s C8 section features a 4K video of a new offering from wheel-maker, Velgen. The thick-rimmed ten-spoke (very similar in spoke design to the previously mentioned C7 Z51) wheel is called the SL10 and it is shown on an Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic 2020 Corvette. Staggered 19×8.5 in the front and 20×11 out back, the Velgens wrapped in stock Michelin rubber might not be to this blogger’s taste, but they do completely change the look of the hottest car in the US, and they should be a hit with anyone looking to capture that purposeful small-wheel, big tire drag racing image.

[VIDEO] Velgen Forged SL10 Custom Wheels on the C8 Corvette

If you are interested in switching your new baby to these dual block forged wheels, shown with a brushed finish, they run $1,360 per wheel and you can expect a 4-6 week build time (only about two minutes in C8 time!). Contact Vibe Motorsports for more information and let us know what you think of the SL10 in the comments below.

Vibe Motorsports via CorvetteForum.com

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  1. There are better looking ones than those for a C-8. The wheels are gorgeous but not for that car. The wheel should complement the cars styling no over-whelm it.

  2. To much public saying, Ooh factory wheels and dumping almost 6k on after market wheels! Looks like much more material in these wheels then the bright split post Five spoke stock wheels. How much more or less do these wheels weigh then the factory wheels they replaced?

  3. Not digging those wheels on that C8! I agree with the above statement about them not improving the look of the car.

  4. Nope, no way in hell. Ugly wheels, I would easily choose the factory options before those.

  5. They are not breaking any new ground with these wheels. Like the article pointed out they are very similar in design to the C7 Z51 wheels. No way would I spend all that money on them.

  6. Nice wheels, but not the look for the C8, reminds me of wheels I had on a 1994 BMW 540i. The C8 needs a machine edge wheel with a Gray center. It needs to look modern to match the car!

  7. I really don’t like the rim of “bolts” around the outside. Never have, on any wheel. Reminds me of the bolt on wide body kits out there, just cheap looking. Other elements pf the design are okay, I just think theres a lot better out there for less money, and better appearance on the C8.

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