[POLL] Should Chevrolet Offer Chrome Wheels on the C8 Corvette?


[POLL] Should Chevrolet Offer Chrome Wheels on the C8 Corvette?

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Good day Corvette fans. We hope everyone had a great week this week and you’re ready for the short work week up ahead filled with excessive amounts of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. As we shut the hood on the current week we thought we’d turn it over to our loyal readers for a long overdue Friday Poll. This time we’re talking about Corvette wheels.

Wheels are one of the most significant styling factors on any car. They set the tone for all-out performance, daily cruising comfort, or even extended fuel economy. OEM’s often offer multiple wheel options to suit buyers’ varying tastes. Then there’s the wheel aftermarket which has even more flavors than the microbrew beer industry.

Over the years Corvettes have had several wheel options available. C1’s got basic chrome dog dish hubcaps or full wheel covers. C2’s had hubcaps, knock offs, and then finned bolt-on wheels. C3’s sported the traditional GM chrome derby caps and trim rings, with the finned PO1 and PO2 hubcaps as options. Later C3’s added the popular aluminum rally wheels. Corvette’s 4th generation wheel choices evolved from the saw blade style on the earlier cars and shifted to painted 5-spokes on the Grand Sports, Collector Editions, and ZR1’s. We could go on through the other generations, but you get the point here. All Corvettes have had multiple wheel choices from basic painted up through polished or chrome finishes.

[POLL] Should Chevrolet Offer Chrome Wheels on the C8 Corvette?

When the C8 was introduced last July we were presented, once again, with multiple wheel options. From the Carbon Flash painted 5-spokes to the Trident Spoke Spectra Gray rims and everything in between, there’s more wheel options to be had than ever before.

One thing was missing, though. Where’s the chrome wheel option, GM? We’ve had optional chrome or polished wheels since the dawn of Corvette so why not offer them on the C8? Was is a styling thing? Did the bean counters say that chrome would cost too much or did the marketing folks not see a demand for them? We can even get a chrome badge package on the C8 so why no chrome wheels to go with it? Is this another Corvette tradition that’s gone along with the front engine and manual transmission?

Around here, we think the C8 is screaming for a chrome wheel option. Talking with folks at some of the various events this year, we’ve heard similar feedback. Now’s your chance to sound off in our Friday Poll. Do you think Chevrolet should offer a chrome wheel option on the C8? Yes or no? Have another wheel suggestion? Let us hear it in the Comments section below or on our Facebook page.

Should the C8 Corvette get a chrome wheel option?

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  1. I’m within a week of taking ownership of my New 2020 C8 Mid Engine Corvette, when ordering it I didn’t like any of the wheels offered. I plan on buying After Market Chrome Wheels, so many to choose from, still up in the air which one to buy. I am Old School, I like Chrome Wheels! 💜😁

  2. Absolutely not. The fact that 92% of voters says yes shows the demographic for the new corvette is still >65 years of age IMHO. Of course, there are only 25 votes so far, so maybe it will swing the other way.

    Chrome wheels are soooo tacky and look like shit on new cars, especially the corvette

  3. I had my Long Beach Red C7 Z06 sporting chrome wheels last night and a new C8 in Long Beach Red rolled in sporting black wheels and badges. More than a few walked up and were amazed when I told them both Corvettes were painted LBR. They responded, it must be the black wheels, the color just doesn’t pop like yours does.

  4. OMG no !!! Leave the past in the past this is a new generation mid engine car. While most cars that have black wheels would look better with silver /nickel / pewter / etc there are some colors that clearly call for black wheels. However there is no color that calls for chrome wheels ,period !! For most people that want the chrome ,their first C8 will most likely be their last ride , so do it with class and style , that means no chrome . So please stop the stereotype ,the car is way to forward looking for chromies FYI I was born in 47′

  5. Chrome is way to Old School. For the Vette to survive and prosper, it needs to look the track car is it. When was the last time you saw chrome wheels on a BMW or Audi? Thought so.

  6. NO!!! You will age up the C8 and kill future sales! It’s a young man’s game now. Chrome wheels belong in the past not the future!

  7. Yes, please offer chrome wheels for we older C-8 owners/chrome fans…..if you don’t like chrome wheels, then by all means get something that suits your tastes, but why deny us that like chrome the option to get them from the factory? To each his own, okay?

  8. LOLOL……..Just offer a “chrome wheels” option for us ol’ farts that want chrome. Let the youngins’ chose what they want. If GM doesn’t offer chrome wheels, after-markets will and GM will lose revenue. Just my two cents………..

  9. Polished aluminum looks good too, have them on my C6.
    Shiny looks good next to black tires and especially with red paint.

  10. Yes, chrome wheels should be an option. If you’re spending this much $$ for the C8 it should be available. Most all Corvette’s look better with chrome!

  11. Give your customers what they want is what I say. All these people saying “no way they are atrocious” are entitled to their opinion (even if they are wrong). The only people who should be entitled to an opinion on this are the buyers.

  12. I don’t really care. My C7 has black wheels and I prefer them. My ’93 Z28 and 2012 Eclipse both have dull (brushed aluminum?) wheels and I prefer them to the bright chrome, but if somebody wants to order a C8 with chrome, more power to them! My ’66 Malibu had the period-correct slotted mags that also had a dull finish. I’m just not a fan of bright silver wheels I guess. And for the record I’m 75 today.

  13. Denny Thompson I have a 2021 black C8 on order. I am old, but anyone that thinks black wheels and black tires look good are nuts. I will have chrome wheels and paint the lettering white, and have the best looking Corvette in Anchorage Alaska

  14. I am old school and have had chrome wheels on all of my cars since the 50’s and t here have been a lot. The extra bling chromies give a car is amazing..just go to a Mecum auction and see if the chrome wheels don’t make the cars more desireable..wish t he deep dish chrome reverse wheels would fit on my c8..a 9 inch reverse would be astounding…..

  15. I went with the standard wheels because i want polished or chrome. I figured there will be after market wheels that will give me the bling i desire.

  16. All y’all wannabe Bad Boy punks who like black wheels have no class. Almost any car will look better with stylish chrome wheels than black. You’re just buying into the Bad Boy Racer fad. You’re too naive to realize that your black wheels make you look like a cheap government undercover car, or worse – like you’re a looser driving around on 4 spares! Grow up…

  17. Chrome wheels are soooo 80s. Leave them behind. Please offer some that have a real WOW factor. You’ll get plenty of owners to pay for them.

  18. I have always liked CHROME wheels on my C-5 and c-6- – ordered them special for my 2019 Grand Sport and will NEVER BUY a C-8 without FACTRY CHROME WHEELS! Clear Enough???

  19. Plain and simple, it should be an OPTION, key word here is option. My 2011 GS is done in Crystal Red Met tint-coat with an OPTIONAL set of chrome ZO6 wheels and with that color the wheels are fabulous. They were ordered at purchase for an extra 3k and look killer. The only chrome is the wheels and emblems and the GS emblem on the fender. Black wheels with this color just isn’t as nice.

  20. Chrome = unsprung weight. If C8 wants to retain it’s performance cred it won’t offer chromes on anything except base Stingray non-Z51 cars. I’m sure the only guys that will want the spec aren’t gonna track them. I’m of the demographic (under 40) that is looking at the C8 as a GT4 / Spyder / used exotic alternative. If the Z06 is naturally aspirated + active aero and hopefully ditches the rear trunk and saves about 8 inches + weight I’ll gladly pay up for it (hoping this is case, have a deposit with MacMulkin).

  21. Why do so many Corvette owners insist on putting chrome wheels on Corvettes. They are then the only high performance sports car in the world with chrome wheels. When the C5 had polished aluminum wheels that was fine. Chrome wheels make the car look like it is owned by a narcist, drug dealer or pimp.

  22. I’m 46 and I love chromes and the brightwork. Can’t stand the black trim, so generic.
    If they do put chromes on it, good luck. I have a 2017 Denali Yukon with stock 22’s and I’m being told they are trash. Replaced the tires a year ago and 3 of them have had to be re beaded due to corrosion. It has 51,000 miles and has always been garaged. Every winter has been relatively mild with little salt or brine applied to the roads. The chinese does not produce quality chrome.

  23. Yes, chrome should be an option. But more importantly, how about an option for forged wheels to break the chain of bent and cracked Corvette wheels?

  24. OK….I know this question would open up a can of worms. My preferred wheel, is a polished, silver wheel. Chrome is just a little too “Show Car” look. Most Corvettes have one of two looks.. Chrome = Show Car look. Polished machined wheel = Competition/ Racing look. I am not a fan of black wheels. They look cheap, like someone bought a rattle can of black paint at the hardware store and sprayed themselves. Since they are the “trendy” fad now, everyone HAS to have black wheels. The last thing, like Michael Dart said in one of the above comments..black wheels don’t make colors “POP”. A couple years ago I went to a car show, and there were two C7’s parked next to each other. Both were painted Laguna Blue. One car had bright polished wheels, the other car had black wheels. Both cars were sitting in bright sunlight. The Laguna Blue on the car with the silver polished
    wheels, just popped…really made that metallic blue stand out. The car with the black wheel’s..its paint looked dull and lifeless.

  25. Chrome wheels have always been an American customizing touch. If you want your mid engine supercar to look American rather than German or Asian, then why not? I think a simple bold five spoke chrome wheel would look great on the C8, not those goofy snowflake looking things offered by GM and shown in this article. Never lost on us engineers is the complexities of producing quality chrome versus spraying black paint. If GM offers all finishes, no one should be offended. Issue solved. Good times.

  26. How about a vinyl landau top option? Chrome wheels are dated. I am not wild about chrome, however on a black car they would look sharp. If Corvette fans want them, the General should offer them!

  27. I have a 16 Corvette Stingray with factory gloss black wheels and a 93 with aftermarket chrome C4 ZR-1 wheels. I love the wheels on both of them. I think the C8 would look great with black chrome wheels.

  28. Factory Chrome rims are a thing of the past, so please let them stay dead. Corvette wants to be taken seriously in the world of super cars & the exotic’s, that’s why you will never see chrome rims on the option list. When I ever see any Corvette after the C3’s with chrome rims I just cringe and laugh.

  29. I have already added the chrome tridents to my ELB C8.
    They look great and help looks of the blue color of the car.

  30. What’s the difference between black rims and chrome rims with brake dust? They look the same to me.
    Every time I see black rims, I think they need to be cleaned.

  31. Chrome or at least a highly polished alloy wheel should be an option. Sorry but black wheels just doesn’t do it for me, but they do look good on dump trucks !

  32. Almost always, the first comment I get on my C7 Grand Sport is how good the chrome wheel make the car look. Yes, I believe chrome wheels should be offered. I saw a comment from GM that buyers don’t like chrome wheels. I believe that buyers like chrome wheels; what they don’t like is the price. Also, I believe that all-season tires should be a no-cost option on all versions of the car.

  33. I have a 2019 lb red c7. It came with chrome wheel option. Looks elegant. Also bought after market Zo6 black wheels. Makes the car look bad ass. Two distinct looks. Choice, it’s the american way. Offer the same wheels. By the way my c5 has factory chrome and looks just as good. It’s the look of the car, not the age of the driver!

  34. Yes !!!!!!! Chrome Wheels. Not that other wheels don’t set a car off, but some wheels look better on different color cars. Lets put Chrome for and option. Thanks

  35. No matter if you like chrome wheels or not they should be offered from GM. I prefer chrome wheels on my 2008 black Z06.

  36. I put the 5 spoke carbon flash on my C8 . I like them and have had people comment on them as well.
    I would not have gotten chrome even if was an option, but I think it should have been a choice.
    Chrome is iconic.

  37. NO! Yes, their wheel options are all kind of ugly. But no chrome options should be there sometimes you have to save people from themselves.

  38. Absolutely chrome, it most definitely goes with any color and makes it pop. Old school or not you can’t beat it.

  39. Many of the prior comments are about exclusion rather than inclusion…too bad. All my Corvettes have had chrome wheels. I like the look. The aftermarket wasted no time in offering chrome wheels for the C8 and have C8 owners lined up to buy them. The baby boomers are still around and buying many C8’s. Hey GM, one more wheel choice would be good for business.

  40. Chrome wheels look nice but are much harder to care for. I am 72 and have had a belly full of polishing chrome in the past. Once corrosion gets a start, you are out of luck. That being said, black wheels are almost invisible going down the road. It looks like the car is scooting along on the frame with no wheels at all.

  41. To each their own but to me, chrome wheels would make a cheap looking car look even cheaper.

    To me GM once again over-styled their design – it’s like someone comes up with the basic design and then turn it over to others to independently add “things” to the back end, another the front and when that’s done, take another go to add some vents and random trim pieces here and there.

    Less is more, GM

  42. Michael Panasuik, this is a car forum not a political forum. So leave politics and or party affiliations out of it!

  43. When I get my 2021 3LT HTC TR around April 1st ( before ) at 3000 status code now, I plan on getting chrome wheels 🙂 See the Picture above, that’s the look I’ll have.

  44. I have a C8 on order and have already been looking at after market chrome wheels. Hate to buy wheels twice. But I will to get the chrome.

  45. Definitely offer them as an option. That way it’ll make extremely easy to separate the posers. Black wheels are SOOOOOOOO tired. To each their own, but seriously? Enough with the steel winter rims look…all that’s missing is the rust.

  46. Being an older guy, who will probably never be able to afford a vette,…I would go with Brushed aluminum wheels, which I feel doesn’t take away from the entire visual of the design.
    Where as, Chrome wheels just stand out too much,…but,…that’s just me,…

  47. Of course they should!

    Retired men make up a huge portion of the Corvette demographic. They will walk into showrooms with their golf shirts tucked into their over-hiked khaki pants, white socks and white/navy New Balance.

    They’ll want the chrome wheels AND the tan interior.
    GM can bundle this with factory navigation and call it “the golden grail” package for $12k.
    GM would make so much money off retirees who make questionable style choices, they’d rival Apple’s profits.

    Do it, GM.

  48. C8 Corvettes will be the only mid engine cars with chrome wheels , you can clearly see why Chevrolet has no interest in being part of this throw back to the 60’s . One has to assume that twin antennas mounted on the rear quarter panels and dice on the rear view mirror can’t be far behind .Thank God Sirius has Elvis radio , who going to put together the first C8 car show at Graceland ?? Long live the Sixty’s ! Don’t loose sight of the fact that was 60 years ago.
    Zora must be turning over in his grave when he reads stuff like this, Chromes on a mid engine and my face is on the windshield, out of respect for the man , don’t put chrome wheels on you new MID ENGINE car, the world is watching ! Gotta run I want to watch “American Graffiti ” on Xfinity

  49. I think black wheels look awful on cars for me its chrome if you want black wheels just go to a scrap yard . chrome wheels and chrome badging should be standard

  50. I’m old school, ordered chrome badging with my C8. Would love to get Chrome wheels from the factory. Unfortunately GM isn’t listening. As for black wheels they belong on Euro Trash.

  51. I specifically herd Tadge say about the C8 launch: “…We are not offering chrome wheels for environmental concerns”.
    In my opinion it was a GM bean counter decision and he did not want to offend top execs publicly.
    So it becomes an Aftermarket opportunity
    My Jetstreamblue C6 Z06 on Chrome Wheels won best in show at a Corvette show. Case closed😎

  52. Frankly, I haven’t seen a car with black wheels that I like! And people actually pay extra for some of them. Going all the way back to my first vehicle, a Studebaker Commander, I purchased full wheel chrome starfire hubcaps, and every vehicle I’ve had since then has had chrome wheels including my current ’84 Corvette resto-mod. GM owes it to their actual buyers to at least offer the option. They’re losing out to the aftermarket if they don’t.

  53. Chrome options be available, track the customers and demographic that want chrome and see if it needs to be an option for the future, personally I don’t care for any chrome on any sports car unless it’s under the hood

  54. “Chrome wheels and badging should be standard”: really? You want your $70K car to look like it was modified at Walmart? GM was right not to offer chrome wheels as an option. You guys want to waste money on those ugly wheels go ahead. I’m sure Pep-boys will love your business

  55. Another vote for chrome as an option. Rapid Blue, for example & Elkhart Blue both look great with chrome. Also what is wrong with surviving to a certain age after giving the USA your best until retirement, when you finally get that Vette you’ve been saving for? Fortunately, “black” is trend. Trends die. Chrome has come and gone as a, “look.” It will come back. Chrome must be properly made with heat treatments after the chroming to ensure that the metals are hardened properly so cheap chrome won’t due. I’d also be happy with the highly polished rims, also properly hardened. It you have the money and want chrome, no one need tell you that you can’t have it.

  56. WOW What is a Corvette without Chrome Wheels.When I ordered my C8 I wanted Chrome Wheels and was told that the best they could do was Bright . My Wife was not happy and I fought for Bright and she was Chrome only or no C8 I ordered the car and now I Want Chrome Wheels and if they offer them I will add them on to my car.It’s about time G M done something GOOD for all of us that have waited so long for the C8 Corvette to show up in our Garage.

  57. For the ones who say that “Chrome wheels are in the past and are ugly”, well take a look at the C-6 and C-7 Corvette’s with chrome wheels and try and tell me they look ugly and I will say the only taste you have is in your mouth. Black wheels look like they are are dirty all the time to me, maybe those people are too lazy to clean them as they need to be, but I love them. I have chrome ZR-1 wheels on my wife’s C-6 coupe and get so many compliments on them. If you don’t like them, that’s your choice, but at least offer them to those who want them.

  58. To Dan’s comment, this post was about “Wheels”, not valve springs, so why would anybody start commenting about valve springs?

  59. To Dan’s comment, this post was about rims not valve springs, so why would anybody start commenting about valve springs?

  60. if you get your chrome wheels, don’t forget your Tommy Bahama shirts and to wear socks with sandals.

  61. …yup, I’m covered! lol…

    No seriously, socks? ‘ew, yuck’ I drive barefoot

    But ‘Chrome’? Oh yeah baby!

    Why does any knothead want to drive around looking like they’re riding on 4 cheap spares?

  62. Chrome is great looking but work intensive, especially in bad weather conditions. Black wheels are almost invisible from a distance, but easier upkeep.

  63. I voted that GM should offer chrome but that doesn’t mean I’d go for them, so don’t interpret the results that way. My 2016 Z51 3LT Sebring Orange ‘vette looks much better with the black wheels vs. the chrome. The proper choice varies with the paint color. I have never gotten anything but “Oh wow!” comments on the car and its color.

  64. LOL! yup. Orange & Black? Like Halloween!

    “Oh wow” comments? – your ‘friends’? Must be friends they don’t wanna hurt your feelins’, me lad – they be humorin’ ya…

  65. There’s no harm in offering chrome wheels as an option. If you don’t like ’em don’t buy ’em, it’s that simple.

  66. OK, yes there is. It sends the wrong message that the Corvette is stuck in the past. And by having outdated chrome wheels on the Corvette, you then will fall into the old man’s car stereotype. And the Corvette has been stereotyped that way for decades. The C8 has changed how the Corvette is perceived, and GM isn’t going to go back to the past with this eighth generation Corvette.

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