GM Issues Service Bulletin to Address Faulty V8 Engine Valve Springs


GM Issues Service Bulletin to Address Faulty V8 Engine Valve Springs

I’m a few days behind the curve on another unfortunate mechanical issue that’s been affecting new C8 Corvette owners. Like the previous recall for a brake sensor issue that affected six GM vehicles, the problem regarding V8 valve springs isn’t just limited to new Corvettes as everything from Camaro to Silverado to the Chevy Express Van is affected.

If your 2020 Corvette was built between June 1st to September 15th, keep reading…

The service bulletin TSB PIP5752A was issued after GM has identified a bad batch of valve springs that have been used across GM’s V8 line-up that includes the L87, LT1, LT2, LT4, L82, L84, and L8T engines. Owners with a bad valve spring may experience a check engine light along with the engine misfiring and making other strange noises.

For the LT87, LT1, LT2, and LT4 engines, technicians are instructed to replace the faulty valve spring and also perform a cylinder leakage test on the affected cylinder. The bulletin adds that “if no cylinder leakage is observed it will be necessary to replace all valve springs on both banks if the vehicle is built between June 1, 2020 to September 15, 2020.

On the L82, L84 and L8T engines, dealer technicians are required to replace the faulty valve spring only.

The service bulletin also asks technicians to return all valve springs to Detroit for inspection.

#PIP5752A: Service Engine Light misfire engine noise With DTC P0300 P0106 P0506 – (Sep 22, 2020)

Service Engine Light misfire engine noise With DTC P0300 P0106 P0506

Involved Region or Country:
North America

A Vehicle may have a concern of service engine light, misfire and engine noise with possible of DTC P0300 P0106 P0506.

Possible broken valve spring

During inspection if you determine that the engine has a broken valve spring it will be necessary to perform a cylinder leakage test on the affected cylinder.

If no cylinder leakage is observed it will be necessary to replace all valve springs on both banks if the vehicle is built between June 1, 2020 to September 15, 2020. Note: This only applies to the 6.2L engines RPOs L87, LT1, LT4 and LT2. For all other engine RPOs L82, L84 and L8T just replace the affected valve spring.

If you determine that engine has cylinder leakage it will be necessary to inspect further to determine the extent of the engine damage to determine correct repair required.

All valve springs will be requested back for further analysis and inspection.

GM Authority and

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  1. Where valves controlled at the New York Engine plant to the extent GM can identity by VINs of what engines the defective valves have been used on the LT2 engines for installation in C8 built from 1 Jun to 30 Sep 2020 I have a 7-17-2020 completion date but the car was expected on 30 March and was only delayed due The Virus. The engine should have been in Bowling Green already in March 2020

  2. One more reason I never buy the first year of a car. I’ll wait and get a 2021 or 2022 Corvette. Hopefully by then they’ll have the bugs worked out!

  3. Mine was built in April, 1973. But my L-82 did suffer two broken exhaust valve springs.. Not surprising since I discovered when replacing them that Chevrolet used psgr car valve springs in the L-82, instead of the LT-1 springs.

  4. Mine occurred in 3 exhaust valves in a 1969 corvette 350 350hp. Happened over a period of 3 weeks. I replaced them myself and kept on rolling. The fourth exhaust valve on that cylinder head never failed.
    The springs had flat ground ends and it looked like at the end of the grind to the full coil dia on the cylinder head side wasn’t heat treated properly. Chev engineering said the springs were designed to 9000rpm
    That car never saw that rpm. Vendor heat treat was the issue.

  5. You have to wonder where the valve springs were manufactured, I have C7 Z51 and the stock black painted Z51 wheels are stamped on the inside rim, “GM” CHINA, so much for buying made in America, maybe this is why C7 Z06 owners have a lawsuit against GM for bent wheel rims. Sad!

  6. Is it just the valve springs made in China or does include those from Korea ,Vietnam , Russia

  7. These are likely made in China, and GM probably kept trying to get the cost down, putting that before quality. I can see it now in the spring factory, “Hey, we don’t need to do that final inspection in QC, our customer just beat us down on the cost again”.

  8. I bought a 2021 2SS Camaro that was affected by this problem. Took it home on Friday night. Broke down Saturday morning. 71 miles on it. As of right now it’s sitting in the yard at the dealership. No ETA on new parts. They say it’s a special order.

  9. Looks like I’m a victim. 200 miles on my 2020 C8 completed August 24th. Affected 4 miles into a 700 mile, epic, California coastal trip. Limped home and jumped into my ever-dependable Lexus GS460. At the dealer as we speak with misfire codes indicating problems with cylinder #5. I had called the dealer right before I took delivery and they said because it was only a SB, they would only take action if I had any problems. I would be very concerned about taking long trips knowing there could be a valve problem at any time when I could be in the middle of Bum Fu** Egypt.

  10. Update to my post earlier today…Confirmed broken valve spring (1). Does not appear to have caused damage to the piston after inspection with a boroscope. Chevy wants all springs returned from the dealer and has advised the dealer to replace all springs. Dealer is having the springs overnighted so they can start on the replacement ASAP.
    The impact happened so quickly and had such an impact on performance, I would think this will end up as a very costly recall.

  11. My C8 got 214 miles then it went down! 8-21-20 build date. Chevy is Putting parts in Monday they said I should have it back Tuesday night. 🤷‍♂️

  12. Well- New User to the forum. Hello to everyone and stinks for the follow C8 owners that have had problems.
    Can feel your pain. I picked up my c8 Corvette on Saturday Oct 24 2020– 122 miles into my new C8- broken valve spring. New it right away as it was the same experience as i have seen on You Tube.
    I called the dealer owner and he knew right away it was the engine that went down before I even spoke with him. They have had 4 C8’s out of 7 affected by this….Crazy. Dealer has been awesome.
    Hope corvette does something special for the owners that experience this problem. Especially for $90K. My C8 is 3LT fully loaded. White w Black Interior and yellow stitching.

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