Corvette Assembly Plant to Shut Down Next Week Over Supply Issues


RUMOR: Corvette Assembly Plant to Shut Down Next Week Over Supply Issues

We’ve received some unfortunate news today that the Corvette Assembly Plant will be shutting down next week over supply issues.

Early this afternoon we were alerted to a post on the Corvette Forum regarding a change in TPWs (Target Production Week) for a customer:

That forum post says the OP (original poster) received an email from the National Corvette Museum’s R8C Museum Delivery Program about the change of the expected build date of his 2021 Corvette:

BGAP (Bowling Green Assembly Plant) has just announced a suspension of production for the week of 2/1 due to supply chain issues. Due to recent delays and this shutdown, the new anticipated completion date of your car is 2/12. If your previously scheduled tentative appointment does not fall at least 2 weeks beyond this date, we will need to reschedule.

Further confirmation comes from Chevrolet: Due to a temporary parts supply issue, we can confirm that Bowling Green Assembly will not run production the week of February 1. Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, February 8.

This is the third shutdown related to supply issues following the reopening of the plant after the two-month COVID shut down back in May 2020. The last plant shutdown due to supply chain issues happened back in November. However, that was just a two-day shutdown following issues with suppliers in Mexico.

The Corvette Assembly Plant is currently running two shifts to build the 2021 Corvette. Plant workers can complete approximately 92-94 Corvettes per shift which totals out to 930-940 new Corvettes built over the five-day work week.

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  1. Maybe if I drive my 2021 HTC down to Bowling Green I can have someone replace my HT. I picked up my corvette on 12-26. On 12-27 the top would not close and latch. Took the car back to the dealer on 12-28. They talked to tech and ordered parts. When they attempted to fix the problem they found a screwdriver had left in the to latch area from the factory! Looks like initials DS on the end of the screwdriver. Had to order more parts and then more parts. All over some DA that left his screwdriver in my $98k car. I got the car back after 22 days. The next day the top would not go back up. Dealer sent a flatbed to haul it back an hour away. It was 42 degrees when I tested the top. Manual says it will open at 32 and close at 14 degrees. After sitting in the warm shop it went up. They moved it to a unheated area inside their building and it will not operate. Very unhappy owner!

  2. Just when things are rolling along pretty damn good. What a shame, wonder what or how many parts or assemblies they are having trouble getting from the vendors?

  3. is gm going to do anything to make customers happy that have ordered cars since jan 2020 and still at 1100, what a joke.

  4. You must be referring to a HTC order, I ordered a coupe Aug 5th 2020 and I should be having a TPW in March sometime.

  5. Ordered mine end of August 2019 , Now told it will be done February 17 2021. Only problem, I sold my 2016 when I order it and the wife is getting tired of me using her car . What’s another week as long as everyone is safe .

  6. I ordered a 2020 on 12-19-20. I was notified in May that I would have to reorder a 2021. Good news is that I was #1 on the list at the dealer. I believe the first day for 2021 orders was in July. I guess on one hand I am lucky to get my HTC in December! Now if GM can get the top to work!! I ordered wheels and all weather tires so I can feel comfortable driving it in Indiana with the temp below 40! I am not putting the top down again until I know it is fixed. GM customer service and the dealer are attempting to get information from a tech!

  7. I’m taking bets on which one I’ll first – my Covid-19 vaccine or my 2021 HTC. Any takers?

  8. Perhaps if Bowling Green, built the Corvette with more in-house parts, rather then having all these vendors scattered all over the world, trying to meet the standards and time, that GM insist on. there might be less shut downs for lack of parts. Boeing used to build there airplanes with all in house parts..they could control the quality and quantity…then it was I believe the 777 0r 787, they started out sourcing their parts, and parts weren’t fitting together like they should, anymore.

  9. I own a brand new 2020 C8 and never ordered it from a dealer.
    A person purchased this 2020 C8 in Blade Silver Metallic and after driving it only 22 miles
    the engine blew because of faulty valve springs. This person did not want to wait for
    the new engine replacement and the dealer put the C8 in the showroom so people could view it. I was told that a new engine with matching numbers was ordered. I told my salesman that I would buy this car. Luckily I was the first person to express interest in this
    2020 C8 Corvette and was placed #1 on a list of buyers and the list grew and grew. Being that when the vehicle was given up, , it had never been titled. . It took 3 weeks and finally the new engine came in. I love this car and it is worth about 30K more than the window sticker price I paid for it. Now that was my lucky day.

  10. If your biggest problem is waiting a little longer for your new C8, then life can’t be that bad for you. When someone can predict the future let me know.

  11. I gave the dealer a deposit (a place in line June 2020). Have not even been called to finalize specs. Dealer said August 2021 delivery. Does not seem likely at this point. Glad I did not sell my 86 to the first lowballer. By the way, anyone concerned about $8/gallon gas under our current puppet “faux President?

  12. Has GM had this many parts supplier problems on any model in recent memory? If i was a supplier, i would move heaven and earth to make sure that I wasn’t the one holding things up. This getting to the point of being ridiculous.

  13. Ive just started the waiting game in Aug 2020 for a 2021with a deposit. Put 5 percent more Jan 2021 for an “Allocation” . How long ? Was told car receive
    8-12 weeks.
    reality check?

  14. Robert Conforte you are a stupid ass, big shot with your 34 year old Corvette complaining about a new one, there is no “faux president” idiot.

  15. Ordered mine August 2019! Still no change. That is except from a 2020 to a 2021. Seriously

  16. I ordered my C7 when they first came out. It took about 9 months to get it. I ordered My C8 in December of 2019 and got it in September of 2020, another 9 month delivery. Doug Cavanaugh, if you ordered one in August of 2019 and still haven’t got it, you better look for a new dealer. Something tells me that they don’t respect your business.

  17. China can’t make dog snacks that won’t kill your dog. How are they expected to make good valve springs ?

  18. I got my 2020 because the original buyer after 22 miles the valve springs broke and the owner did not want to wait for the new engine. I was in the dealership at the time and said I would
    buy this C8 and wait for the new engine. What a stroke of luck. I guess I have to thank whoever made these faulty valversprings.

  19. I put a 1k deposit on a c-8 on 08/24/20. Has anyone who put a deposit on theirs around this time heard anything?

  20. I originally ordered a 2020 in November 2019. Was told I didn’t make the cut, but was placed at the top of the list for 2021 model @ 2020 price. Scheduled to pick up my 2021 C8 @ the Museum March 15th and driving back to AZ.

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