[PICS] SeaSucker Bike Carrier For C8 Corvette is Now For Sale at Chevrolet Accessories


[PICS] SeaSucker Bike Mount For C8 Corvette is Now For Sale at Chevrolet Accessories

Photo Credit: GM Authority

If you happened to be hip enough to be seen on the ski slopes in Colorado back in 1963, here’s something that would have made you even cooler: driving up in an exciting new 1963 Corvette “ski car” available only through Hertz Rental Car Company.

Apparently less than 10 of these special Corvettes were ever made, and perhaps the only surviving one crossed the block at Barrett-Jackson two years ago, fetching a whopping $132,000.

The ski cars featured a special ski rack mounted with suction cups above the split window, complete with skis, poles, and snow tires to help navigate rugged mountain terrain.

Fast forward nearly 60 years, and the Corvette C8 is again a “hip” car, with the demographics trending younger for the first time in a long while.

That means health-conscious owners may be interested in using their new mid-engine sports car in more practical ways, even including transporting two bicycles atop the vehicle.

Vacuum-Mounted 2-Bike Mini Bomber Bicycle Carrier by SeaSucker

That’s right. For $499, Chevrolet Accessories is offering a Vacuum-Mounted 2-Bike Mini Bomber Bicycle Carrier by SeaSucker. The fork-mount rack is said to attach easily to metal, glass or fiberglass surfaces using four powerful vacuum cups to transport two bikes up to 45 pounds each.

Built from ¾-inch thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and durability, this standalone carrier does not require a roof rack or trailer hitch system and weighs about 12 pounds, constructed on a 27-inch by 8-inch footprint.

Two integrated HUSKE Universal Fork Mounts with 9mm plugs and quick release skewers make it easy to secure your bike’s front fork to the Mini Bomber, while two rear 6-inch SeaSucker vacuum mounts with integrated rear wheel straps help secure the load, even if your tires are fat.

Also included are a 5g lube tube for vacuum pump maintenance, a spare vacuum pump, and two crank arm straps that prevent pedals from contacting the roof.

Would you be like me, too paranoid to risk having the bike scratch your beautiful Stingray if you accidentally dropped it while dismounting from the roof?

GM Authority recently captured a C8 Corvette fitted with the SeaSucker bicycle carrier so check out some additional photos and details here.


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  2. The C8 needs two more factory options:
    1. Trailer hitch receiver.
    2. Imitation Gear Shift Lever Knob that
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