[PICS] HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal


[PICS] HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

Photo Credit: HRE Wheels

Say, you know what kind of wheels would look great on the C8 Corvette?

Yes, we are going there…

As more custom wheel manufactures begin showing their off their chrome wheels on the 2020 Corvette Stingray, the more we believe that Chevrolet missed an opportunity to offer a factory wheel in a chrome finish. Brad Paisley recently referred to them as “old man wheels” but I know what I like and the whole Black Wheel look just doesn’t do it.

As an example, we are sharing these photos of various C8 Corvette’s wearing HRE’s FlowForm FF11 forged wheels for #WheelsWednesday.

HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

We really like the HRE FlowForm FF11s as their five-spoke design is reminiscent of the various factory wheels that Chevrolet has offered for the Corvette over the years. A total of 18 finishes are offered on the forged monoblock wheels and we are highlighting those in “Liquid Metal.”

HRE offers the wheels in sizes from 19″ to 22″ so Corvette owners can maintain the 19/20-inch staggered set-up or step up to a 20/21-inch look. Pricing starts at $625/each for the 19″ and $675 for the 20″ wheels. Check out these renders with the wheel on the C8s in various exteriors:

HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

HRE Wheels Offers Near Factory Look with FlowForm FF11 Wheels in Liquid Metal

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  1. There’s nothing like the looks of chrome wheels. I had them on my C7 and they looked great. When I saw the wheels for the new C8 I couldn’t believe those cheap looking wheels come on GM get some nice chrome wheels on the new C8s

  2. I have already contacted a chrome plating company and will get my wheels done as soon as I get my car. My TPW is 11/2.

  3. Awhile back, I saw to identical C7’s parked next to each other. Each one was Laguna Blue, but one car had the polished metal wheels, the other had black wheels. It was a sunny day,
    and the paint on the C7 with the polished wheels just “popped”. While the paint on the C7 with the black wheels, just didn’t stand out..sort of dull and deadened. Just SAY NO to black wheels IMHO

  4. The last photo shows the C8 in Midnight Blue Metallic. Another new color for 2021? It’s gorgeous, especially with wheels that don’t look like they are covered in brake dust

  5. I ordered a 2021 c8 I put every set of wheels on the build and none of them looked good. I feel GM dropped the ball on not having a chrome wheel option.

  6. Would be nice to know what size wheel is in each picture and the price of the 21″ wheels that I believe are on each car. Also were any of the cars lowered? The stance looks great on all of the cars and I believe they all are wearing 20″ on the front and 21″ on the rears. Just would like to know and the price of 21″ wheels as well.

  7. For my C4, I bought chrome wheels. Nothing else would do. Then baby arrived and needed back seat. She just started college and I am getting a C8, and again, nothing but chrome will do, so here we go again.

  8. No chrome! It’s not 1958 anymore! Chrome wheels look ridiculous on any modern Corvette. Polished or black only please.

  9. Black is definitely not my taste.I love the chrome and G M should wake up because they will lose market share if they don’t produce chrome wheels. Maybe they do not care!!

  10. As the price of Corvettes continually rises, the average age of owners rises as well — because us older types are the ones who can more easily afford to buy them. This is really a clash of taste between younger & older generations. Younger prefers black, older prefers chrome. Pay your money & take your choice. Meanwhile, GM should recognize its older buyers prefer chrome and at least offer us the choice. Not doing so means GM misses out on a very profitable option. How silly is that?


  12. Chrome wheels make a statement alright, that you have poor taste! Thank God GM does not offer a chrome wheel option on the C8!

  13. I don’t understand why some people think chrome wheels are ugly and speak poorly of the owner. That would be like me saying that black wheels say the owner is too lazy to clean the brake dust off of his wheels. And I would never say that.

  14. Robert, no chrome trim on the C8 means there is nothing to match to the chrome wheels. It looks odd and out of place. GM is trying to tailor to younger buyer’s with the C8, so I don’t see them offering a chrome wheel option anytime soon. Polished looks much nicer, and it doesn’t look cheap like chrome. Black looks good because of all the black trim that’s on the C8. I like chrome wheels, only on older vehicles that have chrome trim on them.

  15. There is an option for chrome exterior badges on the C8. So, if so inclined, there is your matching chrome wheels and chrome trim

  16. K.G., beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Black wheels and trim make the car look like a transformer toy. I for one would order body colored trim as I think the standard black trim looks cheap and was specified by GM accountants to cut costs. It ruins the lines of the body. With wheels, chrome tends to be a more expensive option because the process is more costly than paint. And it really catches the eye no matter the body color. The C8 should be optioned to appeal to all potential buyers. Thank goodness the car can be had without a rear wing. In my view any wing makes the car’s big butt look even bigger. Others think differently and that’s fine with me. Enjoy the ride!

  17. I like the wheels in Liquid Metal.
    Before I purchase, please let me know if the wheels in Liquid Metal is the closet match to achieving a ‘ Chrome finish Look’

    Thank you

  18. Chrome can be nice. Unfortunately, none of the recently offered optional chrome wheels by GM have any durability.

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