[PICS] 2020 Corvette on BG Forged RZ21 Custom Wheels in Brushed Gray


[PICS] 2020 Corvette on BG Forged RZ21 Custom Wheels in Brushed Gray

Photo Credit: bcforgedna / Instagram

Happy hump day folks, or should I say happy Wheels Wednesday!

BC Forged has another offering for us this week as we take a look at these forged monoblock aftermarket wheels on a Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray. We found these photos of the Stingray on their instagram account showing of their RZ21 wheels in Brushed Gray.

The wheels are made to your exact specifications and we are not just talking about colors, which by the way are many. As you can see on the Stingray, it’s showing deep concave while our example rims below are mostly a flat profile. There are multiple levels of concavity available. As for the colors, buyers can choose between solid metallic finishes or translucent. The website shows 23 different finishes but more may be available as we don’t see our example color Brushed Gray on the chart.

BG Forged RZ21 Wheels

Photo Credit: BG Forged RZ21

We don’t have any info on sizing, but our guess is that the Z51 Coupe is running on 20/21 staggered wheels and we wouldn’t be surprised if the car had been lowered because of the lack of wheel gap and overall stance is outstanding in our opinion. BC Forged offers the RZ21 wheels sized from 17″ all the way to 23″. The website shows a set of 20″ wheels starting at $3,650 while a set of 21″ wheels start at $3,900.

So what are your thoughts on these custom wheels? I like them because they are different and offer the Stingray a little more character over the stock rims, but I’m not exactly blown away either. Let us know your feelings in the comments below!

bcforgedna / Instagram

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  1. Honestly, all these 4-7K wheel sets are starting look alike to me. I think the right color on the right color car would make a difference. But I’m not willing to spend that kind of money for something that only looks good statically. Spinning, they all look alike. IMHO

  2. Jeff, I agree totally with your observations. Some of these manufacturers are spending a lot of time and effort promoting the same overpriced items.

  3. The car looks great with these wheels. They definitely look like 20 and 21 inch wheels also you maybe right about lowering kit on the car. Really wish they would give us the facts about the wheels like size, cost, lowered or not. We need to know these things its hard to be excited when you don’t know the cost? Also there is the installation, pressure sensors, and then storage of your old wheels or do you sell them? A lot to sort out.

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