[PICS] This Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette Shines With Signature Performance Wheels


[PICS] This Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette Shines With Signature Performance Wheels

Photo Credit: @vettepro / Instagram

You might want to break out your shades for today’s Wheels Wednesday as we feature the very bright Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette.

The 2020 Corvette is owned by Rudy Gonzalez and these photos were shared on his @vettepro account on Instagram. If you’re thinking that the Accelerate Yellow requires Black wheels, his car was originally shipped with the Carbon Flash Open Spoke Wheels. However, we think the attitude of the car completely changed thanks to the custom forged wheels from Signature Performance Wheels.

[PICS] This Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette Shines With Signature Performance Wheels

Photo Credit: Signature Performance Wheels

Rudy’s Corvette features the custom made-to-order SV305S which very much reminds us of the design of the C7 Z06’s aluminum wheels, but Signature takes these 2-piece forged wheels to the next level with a concave center design and 28 different finishes to give you the look your Corvette deserves.

The Stingray runs on a staggered setup with the SV305S 20×9.5 for the fronts and the 21×12 deep rear concaves for the rears. These wheels aren’t cheap and run from $6,000-$7,500 per set depending on the wheel size.

Here you can see Rudy’s Stingray with the original stock Carbon Flash Open Spoke Wheels:

So thoughts on the SV305S on this Stingray? Let us know in the comments below!

signature_domestic / Instagram

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  1. Is there anyway to copy and save pictures sent in Instagram? I don’t use Instagram, and I see more and more pictures sent to this site, thru Instagram, and especially if its a new product, like new wheels, I want to save the picture for future reference, but I can’t. Is there anyway to convert Instagram photos to another format that you can save? Thanks

  2. Jeff – I believe you have to be an Instagram member and follow the person with the picture you want. Could be wrong though.

  3. These wheels completely transform the car! Looks amazing. I am not a fan of those carbon flash wheels. Car started out meh and ended up a star! A lot of money but what a diff

  4. This Corvette looks much better with the Signature wheels compared to the stock Carbon Flash wheels. The silver wheels look great against the Accelerate Yellow paint.

  5. This car came ALIVE with those wheels!

    I still say GM Corvette 2020 wheels are a letdown.

    They have no “WOW” factor.

  6. The 2020 wheel selection is poor.

    To copy anything on your screen use the snipping tool. Go to search, type in snipping tool. It should come up.

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