[PICS] Label Motorsports Shows Off Vouno C8 Widebody Corvette Kit


[PICS] Label Motorsports Shows Off Vouno C8 Widebody Corvette Kit

It seems just like yesterday. Chevrolet invited me to the C8 Corvette reveal in Tustin, California in the summer of 2019 and as you can imagine, I was over-the-moon.

The big day arrived and I was huddled in a dark airplane hangar with other automotive journalists, anxiously awaiting for the cover to be lifted off the new mid-engine Corvette. When the lights blazed and the car was revealed to the world, it seemed so fresh, exotic, and otherworldly.

Fast forward a year, and C8 Corvettes are seemingly everywhere. With production hovering around 12,500 units to date, Bowling Green is finally catching up with demand on what’s turning out to be the automotive home run of the decade.

Commensurately, along with daily sightings of C8s across the country, our social media feeds are percolating with images of modded C8s from almost every conceivable tuner, from every corner of the globe.

While poking around on Instagram the other day, I stumbled upon this wide-bodied, lime green C8 build profile (aka render) from Label Motorsports out of Ada, Michigan and was immediately smitten.

According to the folks at Label, “We just finished up this stunning client build profile for a lucky customer in Arizona. Our Vouno’ widebody program sports a complete color change to Porsche Acid Green with a fully forged carbon exposed hood, proprietary air ride suspension, 430mm billet big brake kit, and straight pipe exhaust through titanium finishers. All that hardware sits on a set of Brixton Forged wheels. While we know this investment might not be to everyone’s taste, if you want to own the most comprehensive C8 build package in the world, we can mod one to your specification.”

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Just finished up this stunning Acid Green client build profile for a lucky customer in Arizona. 😎 . Our Vouno’ widebody program with a complete color change to @porsche Acid Green with a Fully forged carbon exposed hood, Proprietary Air ride suspension, Our 430MM billet Big brake kit, Straight pipe exhaust through titanium finishers, and sitting on @brixtonforged wheels. . While we know this investment isn’t for everyone, if you want to own the most comprehensive C8 build package in the world, we have it. . Contact us today to secure your own build allocation, complete with personal build profile, exact project renderings, estimated start/completion dates, and much more build pertinent information! #corvettec8 #c8 #c8corvette #widebody #sebringorange #orange #corvette #carbonfiber #forgedcarbon #forgedwheels #sema #thec8page #forgedwheels #titanium #exhaust #airride #carporn #carsofinstagram #grandrapids #westmichigan #labelmotorsports #detroit #autocad #designer #blacklist #black #aerodynamics #corvetteforce #chevrolet

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We dug the stance of this thing even though exaggerated a wee bit by the magic of the render. Along with wider front fenders, note the rear flares that protrude out even farther than the air intakes. Of course, the obligatory ground effects, hood and wing are swathed in carbon fiber.

With the advent of the C8, the era of front fender gills, a Corvette staple for decades faded into the mist (for obvious reasons) along with the front-engine,rear drive layout. Label Motorsports resurrects a vestigial version of said gills on their wide front fenders and we love it.

Lastly, we have likened the C8 intro to an asteroid hitting the hidebound supercar space, ruffling ascots and monogrammed velvet driving slippers across the land. Both LM and Brixton lean heavily towards imported performance and it’s refreshing to see the C8 Corvette convert formerly exotic tuners to America’s homegrown hero.

We never thought we’d say this back at the hanger in Tustin, but for all you folks who can’t wait for a Z06 and don’t want to see a copy of your ‘Vette on every corner, visit Label Motorsports and order your own bespoke C8 to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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