[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Convertible Comparision (Full HD Footage)


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Convertible Comparision (Full HD Footage)

Our friend Byron Glover Jr from the Drive 615 YouTube Channel offered up a new video of the 2020 Corvettes and this one focuses on taking a closer look at the hardtop convertibles.

Byron begins the video by visiting the Corvette Assembly Plant where he’s been on the hunt to capture new Corvette Convertibles for his channel. We first see a Blade Silver HTC with Black Nacelles and a body-colored roof, and then when he drives around back, there are two Arctic White Convertibles side by side, with one having the D84 option of Black Nacelles and Black Roof while the other has the Body-Color nacelles and roof. The side-by-side comparison also allows you to see what cars look like with the D84’s black windshield surround compared with one that is in White.

From there, Byron drives over to the National Corvette Museum and although he doesn’t find any Convertibles there, he does see an Elkhart Lake Blue Z51 Coupe with the Sterling Silver full-length body stripes. With his camera rolling, he takes a closer look at how the stripes are applied to the car.

From Drive 615 via YouTube:

Footage of various 2020 C8 Corvette Convertibles and Coupes. I compare the C8 Corvette Convertible with Carbon Flash Nacelles versus body-colored painted Nacelles.

Drive 615

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  1. All White Convertible, Nacelles, Boomerangs, maybe that’d bland and uninspiring but I think it’d be downright classy,,,,,,, polished shiny aluminum wheels & a Black interior naturally.

  2. The center stripes look like a stick on decal kit you would buy at Pep Boys they look that crappy in person. Disappointing

  3. Craig – I like your comment. There is a very classy element with the stripes delete and the body color everything option. I have a pre-Covid-19-Stoppage car with black carbon flash full length center stripes. Someone else designed this car and I wanted a C8 and the original designer of the car didn’t get it and I saw it and scooped it up. Absolutely nothing like the car I had configured and ordered (another story). The only thing I really don’t like on the car are the stripes. Still, with carbon flash roof, I’m just not sure. AF PS: As to the Chinese C1, I’m going to call it flattery until we get a test and see how it drives.

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