Only 38 Corvettes Affected in Brake Sensor Contamination Recall


Only 38 Corvettes Affected in Brake Sensor Contamination Recall

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Late last week we learned that a Stop Sale Order had been issued for a number for GM vehicles including the 2020 Corvette Stingray, and that a recall for those affected vehicles would be issued. GM sent a list of VINs to its dealers and from that, we learned that the total number of Corvettes affected by the recall is a relatively small group consisting of 38 cars (although some sites are reporting 39 C8s).

According to a Stop Sale Order sent to dealers, the issue stems from contamination in the electronic brake books system sensor which can cause a communication breakdown between the sensor and brake booster.

Our friends at the C8 Corvette Owners Facebook Page tells us that the VIN range of cars identified with this brake sensor issue are all under 3,000. So even though there is a Stop Sale Order in place, it’s basically moot for the Corvettes on the list as they have already been delivered to their owners.

Other GM models affected by the Brake Sensor contamination issue include the 2020-2021 Buick Encore GX, 2020 Cadillac CT4, CT5, XT4, and 2021 model year Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Affected customers will be notified directly by General Motors. Owners can check their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for recalls and other action in the GM Owner Center at or via NHTSA’s website at

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  1. GM needs to address the Brake Issue and explain what happened and how it will not be an issue on any of their cars moving forward. I have had a C8 on order for almost a year now and was considering looking at a Cadillac CT4 or CT5 to replace my wife’s car but now I’m very concerned about the Brakes on my ordered C8 and not sure if I want to even look at the Cadillac? Brake Systems get water and other contaminates in them over time and if this is going to cause a Brake failure we have a problem Houston. This needs to be addressed to reassure customers that the cars GM is selling are safe and will be as reliable as the old non-brake by wire system were.

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