[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Convertible Review Plus Differences Between the Z51 and Base Packages


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Convertible Review Plus Differences Between the Z51 and Base Packages

CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn has a great new video out and for those of you who have ordered or are interested in the new C8 Corvette Hardtop Convertible, this video is for you.

Jeremy’s own 2020 Corvette is a Z51 Coupe that he took delivery of back in March, while his dad ordered a non-Z51 2020 Convertible which was completed late last month. Jeremy took delivery of the Convertible on behalf of his father, and during his long drive back home to southwest Oklahoma, he started working on this video about the Convertible as well as the differences between the Z51 and non-Z51 configurations now that he’s had a chance to drive them both.

One of the things that have interested us about the convertible model is the sound quality from the mid-engine V8. Jeremy says the cabin is mostly as quiet as the Coupe but as the rear glass is thinner than that in the Coupe, he says he can hear a little more motor and exhaust in the Convertible. A little later he has the top down and you can get a good listen to the LT2 V8 as he merges back onto the highway.

With the top closed, Jeremy also demonstrates with the windows in various positions on whether or not he gets any wind buffeting and from what we can hear from the camera, it’s only when he has the driver’s side window down that we hear a little bit, otherwise it’s a pretty quiet cabin! He then puts the down the convertible top and does the same test and there you can hear the buffeting with the windows down as you would expect with the top-down driving experience. Again he praises the convertible’s rear window and says that even with the top down, you can still have a conversation with your passenger.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Convertible Review Plus Differences Between the Z51 and Base Packages

After three days of driving the Convertible across the country, Jeremy is singing the praises of the model, calling it the cat’s meow for traveling as there are no compromises with storage as previous Convertibles shared the rear storage space when the top was down.

Of course his favorite thing about having the top down is hearing the sound of the exhaust. He demonstrates it again and you get to hear that fantastic engine “burble” sound as he decelerates up to a stoplight. With the top back up and the rear window down, he does another sprint under heavy acceleration while merging on the highway and again the sound offers a great soundtrack for the trip.

Jeremy says whichever way you decide, coupe or convertible, you’re going to happy with the new Corvette. However, in the end, he does give the nod to the hardtop convertible as he shouts out his thanks for the Corvette Team for making such an incredible car.

Finally, Jeremy talks about the differences between the base Corvette and those with the Z51 Performance Package.

Here’s Jeremy report from the cockpit of the 2020 Corvette Hardtop Convertible:

Today’s video is a review of my almost 1,700 mile driving experience in a 2020 Corvette Hard Top Convertible. Having driven over 4,000 miles in my 2020 Corvette Coupe, I talk about what I like about each from a driver’s point of view. The Coupe has the Z51 package while the HTC does not, so the final segment of the video is my review of the two variants and whether you might want or need the Z51 option or not. I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to ask in the comments section. Enjoy the drive!

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

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  1. Great review Jeremy, my order is already in and at 3300 status. You have confirmed all of my choices on my HTC. I can’t believe that I hit the nail on the head. My wife says I’m so smart !!. Did you have any excessive glare from the dash on the windshield ? Thanks again.

  2. This was an excellent video and because of it, I am changing my order from a Z-51 coupe to a non-Z51 HTC. I basically knew all the info already, but having someone who owns BOTH really adds the credibility to the recommendations! Bonus because with the exception of the seats, his is spec’d out EXACTLY how I will do mine.

  3. I agree. I am never going to take mine to the track and by leaving off the Z51 and Mag ride I was able to upgrade to the HTC. Unfortunately I have been at Status 3000 forever and nobody can tell when I am going to get it.

  4. I am a chrome guy, can you get all the parts in black in chrome, like the mirrors, door handles, the front, and rear grill. Being from Victoria, Canada we do not have much information up hear.

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