[VIDEO] First C8 Corvette Convertibles Arrive in Canada


[VIDEO] First C8 Corvette Convertibles Arrive in CanadaE

YouTuber Morgan Crosbie is back again with a run-through after one of the first hardtop convertible 2020 Corvettes arrived in Canada.

The 3LT Rapid Blue over Tension Blue Stingray – VIN 9097 – was delivered recently to the Chevy dealership where Crosbie works in North London, Ontario, Canada.

We have to say all the carbon fiber metallic contrasts on this Corvette are stunning and give an exotic appeal to the car, with the mirrors, nacelles, front spoiler, and 5VM rocker package all done in black – along with the vent on the rear deck lid that helps heat escape from the engine bay plus the black wheels. Crosbie also asks anyone who has done a similar treatment to the C-pillars in a coupe to let him know as he’d like to use that styling touch on his own car but hasn’t seen a suitable outcome so far from those who have attempted it because there are no clean break lines in the body to do so. Crosbie points out several minor technical differences between the HTC and the coupe.

He loves the fact that the HTC provides an open-air experience while not losing storage space in the rear trunk because the roof panels fold up and are stored above the engine bay, not in the rear trunk.

He’s also jealous of the HTC’s rear window that is able to open and close slightly since the engine is covered with a composite panel, as opposed to the rear window in the coupe that is immovable because of its proximity to the exposed engine behind it.

[VIDEO] First C8 Corvette Convertibles Arrive in Canada

Crosbie also points out that the remote start process is different in the two models. In the coupe, if you remote start the vehicle and then open the trunk lid, the engine shuts off. In the HTC, if the engine bay is open, the remote start process will deactivate. The key fobs are also different, with the HTC having two buttons in the bottom row – one on the left to operate the convertible top and one on the right that serves as a panic button. As on the C7, you unlock the car and then hit the lower left button to begin the 16-second roof opening process, he says, with all the windows rolling down, including the rear window. Once the roof is open, you can remote start the vehicle with your key fob.

Crosbie also shows two buttons on the driver’s side door panel, one that allows the driver to open and close the rear glass, and another to make the hardtop go up. By the way, all windows, including the rear, automatically go up after the roof is closed – a feature Crosbie believes might be designed to help out forgetful owners who don’t shut the rear glass by accident.

What’s your take on the HTC vs. the coupe? Would you rather have the engine showing through the rear glass, or do you prefer the ease of use with the HTC to open your car to the air around you?

Cars and Crosbie / YouTube

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  1. I Love the C8 vert in Electric Blue! But damn, here we go again:
    – Black Nacelles to chop up the body flow.
    – Black Rims – “Hey, I’m ridin’ on 4 spares!
    – Black Side Scoop – “I got hit by a Boomerang!”
    – Black Spoiler – The Flying Nun does a
    faceplant! But I never saw her wear a black

  2. LOL, Daniel, you are much too kind:
    “Sarah”, hot? ‘blech’! I can’t imagine that horse-head “hot” from any angle!
    Okay, ‘maybe’ bent over on all four, tail uP, head in the trough…

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