[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist


[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

Photo Credits: National Corvette Museum

One of the most exciting events that happen during a model year changeover is when we finally get to see the new exterior colors on a produced Corvette. Earlier this month the first batch of 2021 captured test fleet cars went down the assembly line and from Harlan and Tadge’s recent virtual presentations, we know that the batch included examples of the two new exterior colors for 2021: Silver Flare and Red Mist.

With some assistance from the Corvette Assembly Plant, our friends at the National Corvette Museum are sharing the first photos of a 2021 Corvette in the new Red Mist Metallic tintcoat!

[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

With the 2021 Corvette parked in front of the NCM, we can check out the color on various poses and close-ups of the panels. I’m really liking this color and am really looking forward to seeing Red Mist under the full sun where I believe it will really show off its metallic tributes.

[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

As Red Mist Metallic is a “Tintcoat”, the exterior color carries a premium price of $995, the same as the outgoing Long Beach Red.

The RPO code for Red Mist Tintcoat is GPH and its GM name has been revealed as Tactical Pearl 1. As we have discussed before, all GM exterior colors have two names, the actual color name and then the marketing name like Red Mist. We’ve heard it said that the color will be exclusive to the C8 Corvette.

[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

During his previous virtual conversations at the Corvette Museum, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said that he liked the color so much that he ordered it for his Captured Test Fleet 2021 Corvette. He’s previously described the vibrant new color as “glowing from the inside” and said it’s one of the most exciting colors Chevrolet has ever offered on the Corvette.

[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

[PICS] Corvette Museum Shows Off First Photos of the 2021 Corvette in Red Mist

Now that we’ve seen Red Mist on a 2021 Corvette, what are your thoughts? Anybody switching colors after seeing it? Let us know in the comments below.

National Corvette Museum

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  1. Yes I put a deposit down already on a C8 Z06 and I
    was going to get Elkhart blue but now seeing that
    Red Mist [sharp] not so sure…

  2. You will have to see this color in the sun to see how really awesome it looks. I have a 2020 Mazda 6 that is an extra cost color called Soul Red Crystal Metallic. It has a red tint clearcoat and a clear topcoat. It looks just like this Red Mist in the pictures when the sun isn’t on it. In the sun it really pops and sparkles and looks great. If I could buy a 21 C8 Red Mist Metallic would be my only color choice.

  3. I’ve had a 2021 HTC build since December 2019 at a dealership, that is now going to be a 2021 HTC. I chose the torch red exterior with the two tone adrenaline red and black interior. I would seriously consider switching the exterior to the new red mist if I knew my choice of interior went with that color, red mist, as well (I love the look of that interior and don’t want to change it) but I doubt that it does. I would think it would clash, whereas it looks really good with a torch red exterior from what I’ve seen. Any opinion on whether the new red mist will look good with the two tone interior I really like?

  4. The picture needs to be taken with sunlight, in order to make that metallic paint really pop
    Also, get rid of those dreary black wheels, and replace them with some silver polished wheels, you will really see that color come alive then.

  5. Not about the color, but they really screwed up on the rear end of the car, the taper of the rear of the car above the fenders gets close towards the center too quickly, so the front angle view (camera or eye in front and to one side) makes it look like part of the car is missing. Too much horizontal area above the fenders. If they widened the back of the car above the fenders it would look much better, so the back of the car would not look smaller than the front (as it does now), and there would be more room for storage next to the engine (golf clubs?). Hope they change it on the 2022s.

  6. Accelerate Yellow Metallic projects the existence of a Corvette to the pinnacle of it’s grace, speed & power like no other color offered and how very awesome is the new for ’21 “Sky Cool Gray / Strike Yellow” interior with G2 seats!!!

  7. It’s hard to tell what the car will look like in a picture. I went to Cars and coffee in Rancho Santa fe last Saturday a bright sunny day, and saw a Bronze C8 and a torch red one with center stripes. The Bronze was amazing, at first glance I didn’t realize it was a vette, it looked that cool. The torch red one looked cheap, and the center stripes are decals that look like they came from Pep Boys. I had always figured the red would be a good choice but not now. It can’t be done right now (so few out there to inspect) but you really need to see these cars in person to avoid disappointment.

  8. Saw it at the dealer on a different Chevy vehicle. I think I like the Long Beach better…this color looks more brown.

  9. Having owned Vettes since 1962, all with factory paint issues, I’ll not be paying $995 plus tax for another potential disappointment.

  10. The Red Mist color looks good however I like a Dark Blue or Midnight Blue. Any idea when I will see that? Also, I am a chrome guy (old schooled I guess). I hate those black wheels, they look cheap to me.

  11. Misty red is a sharp color, but the Long Beach Red is even sharper. My ideal color is your Black Rose!!! Had a 1980 Z28 with exterior color of Dark Claret!! Awesome color!! Turned heads back then. Wish that color was available now???

  12. Get rid of those Black Wheels and get some Chrome in their with black or yellow calipers!!! Way too much Black accent showing on car!!!

  13. HOW ABOUT DELIVERING THE MY2020 MODELS to customers who have been waiting over a year before worrying about MY2021……..AS OF TODAY, 9/25 there are still OVER 8,000 cars for MY2020 TO BE BUILT……..

  14. After the last three vehicles we have bought have all been red in color…I told my better half:”No more red anything”..Then I saw my next car,a Red Mist C8…One more red color car,here we go again..I just LOVE Red Mist..

  15. Forget it, this is what we in the software industry call a “VAPORWARE” product. I live in a city metro area of over 2,500,000 in the South and have seen ONE, just ONE, 2020 Corvette on the road. And I’m on the road for 70 minutes every day.

    Chevrolet built up too much interest then LOWERED THE BOOM on
    – dealers, who have no Corvette models to sell
    – people who placed orders commencing July 2019 who still do not have their car
    – if you order today the dealer tells you “no car for 12 to 18 months”

    Chevy lowered the boom on everyone. A lot, LOT, of resentment now. Good luck misleading the public in the future, Chevy. Your credibility is ZERO

  16. I like it and have changed my order for a 2021 C-8 from Black to the Red Mist. We need a chrome wheel option

  17. Yup a real mess that is costing GM lots of money in NO CARS TO SELL!
    Total piss off when you can’t even see one at the dealer. Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles told me 15 months for a 2021 and 10 grand add on. Take a hike!

  18. Jon Wheelis, I agree! That color is perfect for the C8! Too bad it’s the 2nd to last most popular color, Zeus Bronze being the least popular color for the C8.

  19. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks Chevy dropped the ballon production and let down the public must be living on another planet. When you lose two months to a strike and then two more months to plants shutdown by Covid what are you supposed to do? I’m saying that from the perspective of someone who made a deposit on a 2020 in July 2019. My car should be built in October and I will be thrilled to be one of the few with one of these beautiful cars. GM killed it when they designed this car and have been doing a great job keeping the train on the tracks during a very difficult and unusual year. Great job GM and BG production!

  20. Need to see “Red Mist” in person. I have a 2014 Vert with Crystal Red – how do they differ? I had initially chosen Torch Red and am considering changing if it really “Pops”.

    I am patiently waiting – deposits with two dealers – one on East coast and the other on West coast since August 2019.

    Ditto on the black wheels – use the configurator to see the contrast.

    Where are the responses to these good questions?

  21. I have a torch red 2020 for about 4 months.I am going Oct 9th to the driving school.I do also have a 04 triple black.Iam on 4 dealers lists for a 21 .I am not in love with the torch red.But I love the car.Ihave black ordered with natural int,but I may change now,

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