Touch-Up Color Chip Provides First Look at the New Red Mist Exterior for 2021 Corvettes


Touch-Up Color Chip Provides First Look at the New Red Mist Exterior for 2021 Corvettes

Crystal Red Metallic (L) and Long Beach Red (R) with the Red Mist Color Chip

Over the weekend, we brought you the news that two new colors are coming to the 2021 Corvette. One of those new colors is called Red Mist Tintcoat and will be replacing Long Beach Red which first appeared on Corvettes in 2016. The good news is that we believe we have found a color chip of it from an automotive touch-up paint retailer.

The RPO code for Red Mist Tintcoat is GPH and according to, it’s name has been revealed as Tactical Pearl 1. As we have discussed before, all GM exterior colors have two names, the actual color name and then the marketing name like Red Mist. At this point, we are unsure if the Tactical Pearl is the actual GM name for the paint or if it’s the marketing name for the color on the 2021 GMC.

As we have heard through various channels, this is a new color to GM and the tough-up paint site describes it as a 2021 color for GMC. Here is the color chip for Red Mist (GPH)

Tactical Pearl (GPH) Paint Chip

As was rumored, the new dark red color appears to be very close to two of our favorites from Corvette’s past. Magnetic Red and Crystal Red Metallic. Magnetic Red was used from 1999-2002 and then it came back as Magnetic Red II from 2004-2005. Crystal Red Metallic had a long run and was featured across both the C6 and C7 generations as it ran from 2008-2015. Below are examples of Magnetic Red, Magnetic Red II, and Crystal Red Metallic:

2000 Corvette Convertible in Magnetic Red

2004 Corvette Convertible in Magnetic Red II

2014 Corvette Stingray in Crystal Red Metallic

And here is the outgoing Long Beach Red on the 2020 Corvette Stingray:

2014 Corvette Stingray in Crystal Red Metallic

Long Beach Red was one of four colors in the 2020 Corvette color wheel that required an extra cost and in fact, Long Beach Red and Sebring Orange are the two most expensive paint options which added an additional $995 to cost the car. We’ll find out in May if there will be an extra cost for Red Mist.


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  1. I’d like to see the Blade Silver replacement. We know it was about just 5% of the production but we are a loyal 5%. 😎 My C8 is going to be silver.

  2. Top pic of Corvettes nose to nose states the one on the left is Crystal Red. Doesn’t look a bit like Crystal Red to me. Looks like Torch Red. Is it because of my old eyes or does anyone else think that? I think GM should give in and bring back Mag Red. Also the article state Mag Red II came out in 2004. It came out in about the second month of production of the 2000 C5 replacing Mag Red. Never noticed any difference and the paint code of both reds are 86U??????????? I could see if any non car blog made the mistake but Corvette blogger should have that right.

  3. Thanks Michael. That is Crystal Red but it’s very bright and it does look closer to Torch Red because of the sun. I almost didn’t use it and now having second thoughts about including it. I used the Corvette Black Book to confirm the colors and the years they ran and the Black Book says Magnetic Red II was 2004.

  4. I won’t be checking my Black Book. I have a early 2000 Mag Red and you have to go by SN to find out if your 2000 is Mag or Mag II. Parked mine next a 2001 to Mag Red II and no one could see a difference in any lighting conditions. Very strange.

  5. Hey Mike, as far as Torch Red I had a C5 that was torch Red and this is definitely not it. You can see the metallic even in the pic. TR is really bright Red those tint coats all have metallic in them. I think all of them look killer on Vettes.

  6. I waited for Crystal Red on my 08 C6. Delivery was delayed because the BG paint shop couldn’t get it right. It was worth the wait as it really pops in sunlight but tends toward maroon in shade. It’s tough to tell how “red” the mist red color chip is. Hope it’s redder than Crystal Red. Finally maybe a candy apple red? Nissan and Ford figured it out. It’s what I would like to see on my C8.

  7. Torch Red, compared to Victory Red, both Non-metallic paints, has a lot more orange in it compared to any of the metallic paints, Magnetic Red, Magnetic Red II, or Long Beach Red. You notice the significant different between Torch Red and Victory Red when parked next to each other. Mag Red II was my favorite color so far.

  8. Looks exactly like Honduras Maroon to me. My favorite color on the 1962 Corvette. Best color of all time!

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