[VIDEO] Pre-Production 2021 Corvettes Starting Down the Assembly Line, Update on Second Shift


[VIDEO] Pre-Production 2021 Corvettes Starting Down the Assembly Line, Update on Second Shift

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

The C8 Corvette Owners group on Facebook has some news to share this morning as they report that General Motors has begun building 24 pre-production 2021 Corvettes that include the two new colors, Silver Flare Metallic and Red Mist Metallic.

Members of the Corvette Team will be driving these saleable units and evaluating the updates for the new model year. In addition to the engineering vehicles, we are also told the list of cars also includes a coupe and convertible show car which we assume will be built in the new colors. We also note that at least one of the cars is flagged as an “out of country” export.

During the Corvettes at Carlisle Virtual Presentation from Tadge Juechter and Harlan Charles, the pre-production 2021s were referenced as starting soon and we know from previous videos that the Corvette Chief Engineer has chosen a Red Mist Metallic 2021 Convertible as his Captured Test Fleet (CTF) car.

Second Shift Update

As we mentioned in our production update on Monday, the second shift is now up and running. CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn is in town for the Corvette Museum’s 26th Anniversary Show this weekend and he stopped by the plant late last night after his long drive before heading to his hotel.

Jeremy provided this quick video update showing the full parking lot at 11:30 PM local time:

The same C8 Corvette Facebook page also shows that 140 Corvettes were built on September 1st across the two shifts, a very nice increase from the 99 built on Monday, August 31st. It’s estimated that the team can build around 95 Corvettes per 8-hour shift and so if this kind of output can continue, then that bodes well for those waiting for their 2020 Corvette to be built.

C8 Corvette Owners

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  1. Curious with so many people waiting at least a year for their 2020 Corvette that they would start producing 2021’s. I would think GM would want to Fill these Ordered Corvette’s and deliver them to those that have been patiently waiting thru the UAW strike and COVID-19 Shutdown. I understand these events were none of GM’s doing. “Stuff Happens” I just find this odd that they would do this.

  2. There is nothing odd about this at all and this is something GM has been doing with every model year since way back. We are only talking a total of 24 Corvettes with most of them being for engineering and evaluation purposes before the 2021 customer cars begin production at the end of the year. – Keith

  3. I think they should ship 2021 C8’s to those who have been waiting so long for their 2020’s, sort of an apology.

  4. They had two shifts before the COVID19, nothing new and they’re being retrained to build them they are not building them!

  5. I believe you are wrong on both counts David Wallis. There was just one shift prior to Covid19 shut down, and it was reported on Wednesday that 80 2020 corvettes by the 2nd shift.

  6. I don’t disagree with the other commenters. I would add that the news is great by Keith on the Authority and I receive it well. It seems that there is always some R & D that turns into real cars during the preparation period that takes place prior to the release of the new models for the new model year. Granted that this Covid-19 year created immense challenges. Releasing the press cars and test cars that won’t be destroyed to the regular customers awaiting their 2020 Corvettes would do GM a disservice but what’s more do a disservice to those awaiting their 2020. The novel year for collector car purposes is: (you guessed it!) 2020! Fitting each aspect of development into the current build year is fine with me as long as that production line keeps moving. Some day, I hope that Corvette can get back to a modicum of the traditional build year, ending in July and beginning in August. This business model worked well in the past. Finally, with this group of ’21’s being tested, it provides the opportunity to work any kinks out that might have been missed along the way to make the 2021’s even more reliable from the start than the 2020’s. I think this was very thorough and on-target reporting by KC. AF

  7. I put my reserve in on my car in July 2019. I am still waiting for my car. I am tired of seeing celebs and famous people with theirs. I am tired of seeing people who have received theirs only to make them look like something they are not. I am an old guy who just wants to have some fun before I meet my maker. Second shift doesn’t start until September? Give me a break. GM should be doing everything in their power to fulfill the orders they have asap. Period.

  8. I agree with Richard! I put down my deposit in December for a convertible Z51 only to be told I would have to reorder a 2021. Now I hear the talk of right hand drives and 2021 going down the line. This corvette was supposed to be my retirement present. I hope I am still alive to see it!

  9. Slowly but surely, GM is losing its credibility for their questionable slogan “Chevrolet Cares”. I’m getting less and less impressed with GM’s concern for their customers.
    I agree with most of the comments on this blog referring to the fact GM should be building SOLD orders and not delivering cars to ‘celebrities’ who probably don’t even pay full price.
    GM delivering 2020 MY cars in Nov and Dec should require some kind of financial consideration.

  10. Keith, GM is taking an excessive amount of time delivering new 2020 Corvettes to owners who have been more than patient to say the least. Now 24 cars will delay things even further.

  11. I AM royally PISSED, 3000 status since March 17th. NOT LOOKING FORWARD to getting my car in DECEMBER, and that’s only a possibility. they said they can legally finish your MY2020 in 2021 if need be

  12. Hope mine is one to be done this year . I been waiting for almost a year this month . But as long as it takes to be safe is alright with me . But the color of mine is like my other two , Blade silver which they don’t make anymore after this year. Got the last one in November which I drove for a few weeks before the weather set in .

  13. at least one of those who placed a 2020 order have a l illness and may not live to see there reordered 2021 .. If I don’t make it Should i have it placed as my head stone

  14. Order placed, Jan. 2nd, 2020 for convertible. Know that Coronavirus is not GM’s fault, but surely, GM knew with a super new product, that a strike would be in the works, etc. After all, they have been working on the C8 for years!! Really BAD management!! Now 84, and if don’t get before long, at least my wife can bury me in it!! Will GM contribute and at least for us that have had our orders in early, not charge us more for the extras??

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