[STOLEN] Police in Erie are Searching for Joyriding Teens Who Crashed a 1976 Corvette


[STOLEN] Police in Erie are Searching for the Teens Who Stole and Crashed a 1976 Corvette

Photo Credit: erienewsnow.com

Good news and bad about an unusual Corvette in Pennsylvania.

Police in Erie, Pa., have recovered a unique orange and white 1976 Corvette believed to have been stolen Sunday by joyriding teens.

The Corvette, which is prominently displayed on the website of Vintage Modified, a car restoration shop in Eric, is used to promote the business and features an orange stripe across the entire top of the car that spreads out to engulf the front and rear bumpers, a light bar across the top of the windshield, a black open storage tray on the top, orange strips along the bottom of the sides, orange mirrors, and oh, yes, orange wheels, along with dark colored side pipes.

[STOLEN] Police in Erie are Searching for Joyriding Teens Who Crashed a 1976 Corvette

Police say the car was stolen Sunday from the lot at Erie Fleet Solutions, a truck maintenance shop, and the thieves then drove around sideswiping parked cars and a fence before abandoning it.

The car was recovered at Serafin’s Market, and police are processing it for evidence.

Anyone who might know more details about the theft is encouraged to call the Erie Police at 814-870-1120.

Vintage Modifed 1976 Corvette

No word on how much damage the sideswiping thieves did to the Corvette, but at least on the passenger side visible in a photo on erienewsnow.com aboard a rollback, it appears minimal.


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