[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 is Recovered Thanks to OnStar Theft Alert


[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 is Recovered Thanks to OnStar Theft Alert

Last weekend, we told you about a Black C7 Corvette Z06 that was stolen from a parking garage in San Ramon, California. The owner, Loraine Treadwell, says she woke up on Sunday morning to find an OnStar Theft Alert had been sent to her phone. She immediately went to the garage and found her car was missing, and it looked like the exit gate to the garage had been damaged during the getaway as well.

Loraine immediately filed a police report which then allows law enforcement agencies to utilize OnStar to locate and shut down the car remotely. Unfortunately by then, OnStar was unable to connect to the car and the trail had seemingly grown cold until she received another OnStar Theft Alert early Thursday morning at 2:33am. She called OnStar immediately and they were able to locate and put an ignition lock on the car.

As the Corvette Z06 was in Alameda County, the location of the car was sent to the Alameda Sheriff’s Office and the property was put under surveillance while officers coordinated with their stolen vehicle recovery task force. Despite the twenty-person task force that took down the property and secured the stolen vehicle, the suspect was able to get away, apparently hoping fences and stealing another truck to make his get-away. Loraine says in her Facebook post that cops know the suspect and that she has no doubt that he will be caught soon.

Loraine adds that it looks like the car thief was trying to reprogram keys when the cops showed up, and she says there was a fair amount of body damage to the Z06 including broken windows and holes in the body panels. Because he was messing with the electronics, Loraine says they couldn’t start the car. But the good news is that with the car never being started or driven, there wasn’t any damage to the engine.

The Corvette Z06 is now back at her Chevrolet dealership and the process will begin soon to start fixing the damage caused the thief. The best news of this happy ending is that Loraine says her Corvette Z06’s Performance Data Recorder was in Valet Mode, which secretly records video and stores it on the SD card in the glovebox. They haven’t been able to get that open yet due to the car’s electronics being messed up, so she is anxiously waiting for that day to see if they caught the thief on video!

Loraine offers the following thanks to law enforcement agencies who assisted in the recovery:

I’d really like to again publicly THANK the San Ramon Police Department, ESPECIALLY Detective Michael Wickman….and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Amaral, and the ACRATT stolen vehicle recovery task force for all working so hard to return my stolen Z06 Corvette…..INTACT!!!

Next time you see one of our law enforcement friends, PLEASE THANK THEM for what they do every day!!! 🥰🥰🥰 And once the pubs open again, buy them a beer!!!

(Oh and please obey all traffic laws…even if you’re driving a Z06 🤪)

Way to hang in there Loraine and congratulations on getting your Corvette back!

[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 is Recovered Thanks to OnStar Theft Alert

Here is Loraine’s Facebook post on the recovery of her Corvette Z06:

HAHAHAHA OK, here’s the short version of the miracle Z06 recovery! Buckle in, this is a wild ride!!!! 🤪🤪🤪

Got another OnStar theft alert yesterday at 2:33AM after almost 72 hours missing. Called immediately and OnStar was able to locate and put an ignition lock on the car.

The Z06 was in Alameda County so the location was sent to the Alameda Sheriff’s Dept. They surveilled the locked and gated property where the car was being stored until their special vehicle recovery task force was able to arrive and coordinate with SRPD to put an action plan together and get a warrant.

Apparently they were watching with binoculars from the hills and using drones all day while everything was getting lined up…HOW COOL is that????

Once they had everything in place, a TWENTY PERSON TASK FORCE took down the property. The suspect was trying to reprogram keys at the time…apparently he hopped a couple fences and stole yet ANOTHER truck to escape. He’s a well-known car thief in the area so I have no doubt he’ll be caught soon.

There’s a fair amount of body damage to the Z06…windows broken, holes punched through the fiberglass…he was messing with the electronics so my fobs aren’t being recognized and we couldn’t get the car started. BUT it doesn’t look like anything under the hood was messed with. We know the car was never started or driven. Doesn’t appear he was trying to part it out.

The damage is all from being manhandled onto a trailer and from the thief trying to brute-force the electronics. Clearly he wasn’t nearly sophisticated enough to deal with such a complex vehicle 😂😂😂

The car is at my dealer now waiting to be racked and checked over. Barring any type of frame damage it should be back on the road in a month or so.

The REALLY good news is that the glove box is still locked and I had the PDR in Valet mode…so once we get the SD card, we should have the whole thing on video!!!

This was a joint recovery by the San Ramon Police Department, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and their ACRATT stolen vehicle recovery task force. They put this operation together and executed it flawlessly in record time. It was so amazing to see so many people work so hard to return my Z06 to me. THANK YOU!!!!

Next time you see one of our law enforcement friends, please thank them for what they do every day!!!

Loraine Treadwell / Facebook

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