[POLL] Which New 2021 Corvette Option Excites You the Most?


[POLL] Which New 2021 Corvette Option Excites You the Most?

This was an exciting week here at CorvetteBlogger. Monday we got word that 15 truckloads of C8’s were heading out to their new owners then a bit later Chevrolet dropped a hint at some new colors on the 2021 Corvettes. Then, Wednesday, we finally got our first look at the new colors and content coming for the C8’s 2nd year of production.

We already knew that 2021 pricing will remain unchanged which is great news. On the outside, Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat replaces Long Beach Red while Silver Flare Metallic replaces Blade Silver. The body-length racing stripes now come in blue, orange, red, and yellow and the Stinger Stripes will have 3 new combos of Carbon Flash/Edge Red, Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow, and Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver. Inside we get the new Sky Cool Gray/Yellow Strike interior.

Technology upgrades include standard wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, driver mode on-screen visualization with new track digital tachometer, and the Buckle to Drive safety feature. Probably the biggest news is that the popular FE2 Magnetic Ride suspension is now available outside of the Z51 package.

We’ve all had a couple days now to digest what’s to come for 2021 so this Friday Poll wants to know what you’re most looking forward to on the 2021 Corvette. Is it the new colors? The new tech? Have your say in our highly scientific poll below! Have any other thoughts on the 2021 content? Did GM miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

Which new 2021 Corvette feature are you most excited for?

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  1. I wish your poll included a vote for or against Accelerate Yellow. I have been waiting to order but I can’t stand the new Yellow Green. Why can’t we get the same yellow that is on the C8R #3 race car? The new yellow looks washed out like the car was painted with a watered down highlighter.

  2. Chrome rims would be a great option as far as the rim choices. For me I chose the pewter rims which look great with the Zeus Bronze exterior and natural dip interior. I just picked up my ride this week and I gotta tell you I’m really impressed with this cat.

  3. It would be nice to actually see a 2020 C8 at the dealer. Why are you even broaching the subject of a 2021 model when you cannot see any at the damn dealer!

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