Market Adjustment: Texas Chevy Dealer Offering a 2020 Corvette for $37,970 Over Sticker


Market Adjustment: Texas Chevy Dealer Offering a new 2020 Corvette for $37,970 Over Sticker

Photo Credit: Clay Cooley Chevy

So you just have to have a new mid-engine Corvette?

Well, if you’re willing to pay a steep “market adjustment” of nearly $40 grand, then Clay Cooley Chevy in Irving, Texas might be able to help you.

That dealership is currently offering a 2020 Corvette coupe for a whopping $119,995 – some $37,970 over the MSRP of $82,025.

Market Adjustment: Texas Chevy Dealer Offering a new 2020 Corvette for $37,970 Over Sticker

The new Stingray, with 30 miles on the odometer, comes with the top-of-the-line 3LT package that costs $11,950 and the Z51 package adds another $5,000.

Finished in Arctic White, the 3,844th mid-engine Stingray to come off the assembly line features the Adrenaline Red interior.

Also on the options list are Front Lift for $1,495, Battery Protection Package for $100, Z51 Performance Suspension with Magnetic Selective Ride Control for $1,895, Bright Red Painted Calipers for $595, and Engine Appearance Package for $995.

Market Adjustment: Texas Chevy Dealer Offering a new 2020 Corvette for $37,970 Over Sticker

We’re not sure we want a new Stingray that badly, but if you have the money and absolutely want to be the first on your block to have a mid-engine Corvette, then have at it, by all means.

After all, the American economy is known for its “supply and demand” system. In this case, with all the production delays so far, it might be worth it to someone to pay that extra “market adjustment.”

Market Adjustment: Texas Chevy Dealer Offering a new 2020 Corvette for $37,970 Over Sticker

Even with the assembly plant in Bowling Green cranking back up again after the coronavirus shutdown, the availability of the car is going to be limited since every 2020 that will be produced before the model year ends is already accounted for – unless a buyer has a change of heart at the last minute.

Would you pay that much for a mid-engine ‘Vette?

Clay Cooley Chevy

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  1. The dealer isn’t wearing a mask or hiding the fact he’s the worst kind of greedy, but at least he’s an honest lowlife. Props for that.

  2. I thought GM/Corvette wasn’t going to allow price gouging by their dealers. Sure puts a dark cloud over the car of the century. Texas brags about everything being big, guess that applies to the dealership’s ego.

  3. This dealer wants to steal the dream of owning a C8. They should not buy this C8 or anything they have to sell at this Dealer. Selling one for a jacked price could over 20 or 30 car at MSRP through 2021 model!

  4. James Corlew Chevrolet (Clarksville, TN): $17,500 “2020 Corvette Allocation Acquisition Charge”

    Clay Cooley Chevrolet: “Hold my Beer”

    What a lowlife. Blacklist and boycott these bums and any others like them.

  5. My experience over many years with a number of brands is that charging over ends up ruining the relationship between dealer and customer. Some dealer’s simply don’t care and are in it solely for how much they can make on that sale. Maybe Chevrolet should find a means of cutting out the dealer so customers can deal directly.


  7. Pure capitalism, but it always has unintended consequences. Today in the internet era, we all know what dealers to avoid and word of mouth is a powerful tool. Its not that GM doesn’t care either. I’m sure there are subtle and un-subtle consequences (like allocations not appearing or not getting filled). If the GENERAL doesn’t like your dealer life can get really painful quickly.
    As corvette loyalists, we should know who these dealers are and avoid them at all cost and make sure our friends, neighbors and acquaintances know what we think of this sort of price “gouging”.

  8. Clay Cooley auto dealer ships are less than 5 minutes from my house. I wouldn’t buy a car from this dealership if the C8 were the last one on earth. His dealerships really stuck. My ordered C8 will be a 2021 instead of a 2020. I ordered it September 19th of last year from Classic Chevrolet but the order got messed up. But, be assured that Classic Chevy will do the work on it. I don’t have any trust in Cooley.

  9. Shitty dealership why would anyone ever buy anything from this place when the market weekends this place is gone

  10. Cooley just called. He said thanks for all the free advertisement, he just sold the car ten minutes ago for $50,000 above MSRP after two people got into a bidding war!

  11. This is how Capitalism works, you morons. Low supply means high demand which equals high cost. You don’t like it, don’t do business there.

  12. Ford let the Dealers jack the price of the
    Mustang up on GT 350 & GT 500.
    That’s Why I have a Corvette.
    GM. Cut their Quota of Corvettes

  13. Ya BS!! Why is this even allowed??? Zerry, it’s called price gouging and it’s BS. Ya go somewhere else but that’s not the point, moron. Dealerships get away with a lot of crap.

  14. Who cares, if you don’t like the price don’t buy it. I’m sure they’ll find a sucker that will pay over sticker, but not that high over msrp. If there weren’t people out there that are willing to pay over msrp than they wouldn’t be doing it. I will never pay one cent over sticker.

  15. Everyone should sign a petition and send it to GM so this dealership gets no future allocations of Corvettes.

  16. This happened years ago with other corvette new models. Wait a year or two and you will see 5 to 10k off sticker.

  17. No one is forcing you to pay that!! It’s a pretty shitty move ,and i would never pay over sticker.
    I had a dealer in Il. Ziegler who wanted a $5000 Non-Refundable deposit, with no guarantee of the order being accepted. Guess What? Went to Burtness Chevy in Wisconsin and ordered car with $0 Down. No One should do business with these kind of Dealers.

  18. I’m always amazed at the outrage and the need for government/corporate intervention when there’s “price gouging”. Most of you are woefully uneducated. The FREE market is the most effective way to deal with supply and demand issues. If the government stayed out of hurricane situations there would be plenty of water to go around. Instead by keeping the price artificially low, a few people by up everything…they horde it. CAN YOU SAY TOILET PAPER!!!! If the price went to $40 a pack, it may suck to buy it, but at least it would be available.
    No difference here.

  19. Is the corporate Mothership (GENEROUS MOTORS) entitled to any of the overly enthusiastic pricing, or is that strictly to wind up in the dealers bank account ?

  20. You could make a first class round trip across country and have your car shipped home for a whole lot less. But then there are people stupid enough to pay that price and that is why unscrupulous dealers feel it is ok to charge those outrageous price markups.

  21. Ziegler And Clay Cooley are awful and they lie a lot. I would not buy a dog house from either. In Dallas go to Classic and in Chicago shop in Wheeling at that dealer.

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