[VIDEO] Bone Stock 2020 Corvette Runs Quarter Mile in 10.95 Seconds


[VIDEO] Bone Stock 2020 Corvette Runs Quarter Mile in 10.95 Seconds

Our friend Mike from Brink of Speed YouTube channel took his 2020 Corvette out to “the streets of Mexico” where he utilized the performance timers to do a number of quarter-mile runs. As Mike demonstrates, Corvette owners have never had it so good now that the engine is putting that extra weight over the rear tires.

With the launch control engaged, Mike is able to rip off some impressive 0-60 mph times and his best time of 2.60 seconds is the lowest we have seen! As for his quarter-mile times, Mike’s fastest is an amazing 10.95 seconds. It’s just incredible to see the base model (Stingray) achieve those kinds of times!

From Brink of Speed via YouTube:

World RECORD Bone-Stock C8 Corvette Quarter-Mile Times! *INCONCEIVABLE*

Hello everyone and welcome back to Brink of Speed.

Today, I will take you on an amazing 1/4 mile adventure and show you a world record quarter-mile time with my bone-stock C8 Corvette! I finally achieved a 2.6 flat 0-60! This felt amazing, but just wait till you see this 1/4 mile time, it is inconceivable! Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!

Previously, we’ve seen some PDR videos showing the 2020 Corvette performing some fast 0-60 mph runs including one driver who did a 0-60 mph run in 2.67 seconds.

Brink of Speed / YouTube

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  1. So will my C8 Stingray LT2 Elkhart Lake Blue with an Adrenaline Red interior and ventilated GT1 seats. That 1/4 time of 10.95 is a product of factory tuning, proper tire pressure, proper temperature and humidity, Tire pressures, and performance stteting, science counts! A good C8 1/4 mile time is an observed science, not turbos, not nitrous, not luck!

  2. Come on folks…the on-board data system isn’t THAT accurate. These numbers will not hold-up as real. Remember, this is part of the same system that says you’re getting 44 MPG on a highway trip. 1,320′ marked & timed distance is the only accurate measure.

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