[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette vs the 808-HP Dodge Demon on Throttle House


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette vs the 808-HP Dodge Demon on Throttle House

It is difficult to remember a car that inspired as much hysteria from the automotive press and enthusiasts as the eighth-generation Corvette (that’s what 50+ years of build-up for a mid-engine layout will do for you).

If pressed to come up with a similarly hyped vehicle, we’d have to point to 2015, when the Dodge Challenger joined the horsepower wars in spectacular fashion. Back then, you couldn’t go anywhere online without running into someone’s ego wad talking about the new Hellcat and its 707 ponies.

Three years later, the SRT team pushed out a one-year-only special edition that upped the ante even further up the scale of insanity. The Challenger SRT Demon was born with one goal in mind; decimate all in the quarter-mile. It famously came standard with only a driver’s seat and each option retailed for one dollar. Among those options was the “Demon Crate.” Contained within the crate was a new ECU that bumped power from 808 HP, all the way to 840, drag strip-spec skinny front-runner wheels/tires, and other go-fast goodies and tools.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette vs the 808-HP Dodge Demon on Throttle House

Now, back in 2020, one of our favorite YouTube channels, Throttle House, brings these two champions of hype together for a duel on the Dodge’s home turf.

The shortish video features a Demon (in 808 horse and regular front tire guise) running back-to-back standing quarter-mile and roll-races against a 2020 Stingray with the Z51 performance package (courtesy of our amigo, Morgan Crosbie). The Vette comes into the races with a 313 horse deficit which doesn’t really strike us as a fair fight but then we remembered that our rooting interest is more than 600 pounds lighter and has a newly found, rear-biased weight distribution that helps it punch far above what its statistics and MSRP would lead you to believe. Add in the fact that Demon customers have had a “devil” of a time reproducing any of Dodge’s claimed ETs, and we were smelling upset.

Watch the video below to see if our hunch was well-founded, or if we were being a bunch of homers.

If you are hungry for more, be sure to catch TH’s full C8 review from last week, right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UQB17UWxvQ

Throttle House

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  1. Mopar is as ugly as they come, and just barely beats the Vette. Now try and stop or turn that pig of a Mopar, heh heh can’t do it huh??!! If nothing else the Vette is WAY better looking and available.

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