[PICS] C7 Corvette Body Mounted to a Speedboat in Turkey


[PICS] C7 Corvette Body Mounted to Speedboat in Turkey

Photo Credit: Hasan Ercan

My son told me yesterday he’d like to have a C7 AND a boat.

Here’s one creative way he could just combine those two “wants” into one “have.”

Someone over in Turkey has apparently placed a Corvette Stingray body (or a reasonable facsimile) onto a boat, and after watching the short gif of the craft in action that was posted on Instagram by Hasan Ercan, via the Americanmusclehd Instagram page, we have to say this aquatic Chevy “sports boat” looks like loads of fun on the water!

After all, how many times have you seen a red C7 Corvette with a fish skeleton decal on the side racing down a lake? Sign us up today.

[PICS] C7 Corvette Body Mounted to Speedboat in Turkey

Since Mercury Marine helped with the C4 ZR-1’s LT5 engine in the late 1980s, this 21st-century machine sounds like it could still be a great fit for them.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare say we understand all the technical knowledge that would go into making such a craft, but this Instagram post definitely leaves us wanting to learn more details about this hybrid Corvette. Does the wing on the back cause the front end to lift at high speeds, for example? What kind of motor is under that gorgeous body? How long did it take to build, and how much did it cost?

And perhaps the ultimate question: If someone actually sold these marine Corvettes, would you buy one?

By the way, this isn’t the first Corvette-based boat. Back in 2011, Marine Technology offered a ZR48 with two Mercury Marine twin-turbo engines that delivered 1,350 horsepower. While the dash was lifted from a C6 Corvette, we don’t think the boat overall looks that much like a Corvette – just the rear is reminiscent of a C2 and a C3. Of course, the ZR48 wound up selling for a cool $1.7 million! This C7 boat would likely be much easier on the wallet.

@americanmusclehd via Autoevolution.com

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