[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette Receives First Wash in 33 Years


[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette Receives First Wash in 33 Years

A silver 1967 Corvette coupe is one of the most beautiful cars ever made, at least in our opinion.

But when it’s been sitting for 33 years, never being washed or detailed during that time, the beauty is still there, you just have to dig for it underneath all the dirt and grime.

Of course, it takes some special know-how, tools, and chemicals to bring it back to life.

And that’s exactly what Larry and Dan from Ammo NYC cleaning products have done with this ’67 that is part of a 300-car barn find actually stored in three buildings.

Larry had heard about the mysterious collection from a friend about five years ago but couldn’t gain access to the cars until a few weeks ago when the owner contacted Larry and asked for his help in cleaning and detailing them before putting them on sale.

The collection actually started in the 1970s, and the first to be cleaned was a $1 million Bizzarrini P538 race car, one of two believed built in the 1960s to compete at Le Mans. Giotto Bizzarrini was an engineer who worked closely with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, by the way.

Another classic found in the collection was this 1967 Corvette coupe.

You absolutely won’t believe the “before and after” shots of this Sting Ray after the Ammo NYC team gets through with it after seven or eight hours of hard work.

Check out their 17-minute video showing the progress step by step and pick up some tips from the Ammo NYC guys about how you can make your own car look better.

But the real reward is seeing just beautiful this C2 Corvette looks today, all cleaned up and ready to roar. It’s just a shame that it sat for more than three decades gathering dust and serving as a home for squirrels when it could have been on the roads for everyone to admire.

Ammo NYC / YouTube

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  1. Nice job. Always a waste of good cars when someone just stores them away to rot. I guess the headlights will not rotate and the tires look great for over 33 years old.

  2. The lines and curves of that timeless design, are like that of a beautiful woman……I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned one.

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