GM Partnering with Australia’s Walkinshaw to Form GM Specialty Vehicles (GMSV)


GM Partnering with Australia's Walkinshaw to Form GM Specialty Vehicles (GMSV)

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Conflicting reports are coming out about GM’s plans to sell right-hand drive Corvettes in The Land Down Under.

While CarAdvice is reporting that the RHD Corvette may become a victim of the coronavirus post-economic doldrums (see separate story), CarScoops says an Australian publication, Which Car, is reporting that the C8 Corvette and other Chevrolets, too, will still be sold in Australia.

CarScoops says but cannot confirm that an Australian company named Walkinshaw Group will team up with GM to convert Chevrolets, including pickups, SUVs, and performance cars like the C8, in Melbourne.

A little background. Holden’s most powerful and fastest models had long been built by Holden Special Vehicles, but HSV’s future became cloudy when GM announced in February that it would be ending Holden production at the end of this year. Fortunately for Australian enthusiasts, HSV may just get a new name, GM Specialty Vehicles (GMSV).

In fact, those responsible for much of HSV’s success including founder Tom Walkinshaw’s son Ryan may still be involved in the new GMSV operation, though CarScoops has not been able to confirm that news. Enthusiasts would likely be glad to hear of Walkinshaw’s continued involvement since the Walkinshaw Group has grown into a successful venture that builds race cars and works on road cars as well as converting left-hand-drive Chevys and other American autos products into right-hand-drive.

Since 2017, Walkinshaw has become the leader at converting U.S. left-hand vehicles into RHDs and selling them in Australia, including the Chevrolet Silverado and Camaro, along with various RAM trucks.

We had been under the impression that RHD Corvettes would be built in Bowling Green, but CarScoops’ report doesn’t mention that, instead saying that Walkinshaw has the capacity to convert up to 10,000 vehicles annually in Melbourne, apparently including the new C8, and then distribute them through a smaller network of former HSV dealerships.

Of course, all of this “news” is just speculation because as we’ve long noted, GM doesn’t comment on future products. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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  1. GM had designed the C8 for RHD to enable and increase sales to the UK and Irish Republic, Japan and Australia. Were they not going to be built in BG? Does it make sense to sub out Australian C8s vs. just delaying RHD production?

  2. C,Mon BG just make the RHD and stop mucking us around, we want factory built RHD for the rest of the world, there has to be a strong enough market inc japan, Oz and others for sure , Japan advance orders were over 200 I heard, I would bet Oz would be that plus more. HSV or GMSV obviously can be the service and sales network for sure. But we want factory built , not a car pulled apart and rebuilt to suit our road system. I hear rattles ……..incorrect alignments etc and so on.

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